Air filters are very important

Did you know that the air filter inside your HVAC unit is very important? I had no idea how important the air filter was inside my HVAC unit until the HVAC technician came to inspect my HVAC unit and looked at my air filter. Somehow, the HVAC technician could tell that I forgot to change the air filter out for the entire year just by looking at it for a few seconds. The HVAC technician told me that I absolutely had to change my air filter out. He also said that if I always have an extra air filter at my house, he will change the air filter whenever he comes to my house. However, I decided to ask him why changing the air filter was so important. In my opinion, it seems like the air filter was one of those things that could be changed but that didn’t actually need to be changed that often. However, when the HVAC technician actually explained what the air filter did and why changing the air filter was important. I had no idea that the air filter actually prevents the dirt from getting into your HVAC unit. I thought that the air filter just made sure that nothing was in your air. That is true. The air filter does help to clean your air, and it helps to prevent allergy and pollution symptoms. By changing your air filter, you will breathe better air. However, when you forget to change your air filter, it actually allows that dirt to get inside your HVAC unit, and it covers all of the parts, which ruins them. If I would have known that my air filter was causing most of my issues, I would have changed the air filter a lot more regularly.

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