Fans are helping my otherwise poor HVAC circulation in my house

I have spent the last year getting my expenses under control.

  • The cost of living is quickly rising at a rate far outpacing whatever minimal raises I get from my company every five years.

You either get tighter with your spending and reign in any excess, or you start going without food just to keep your bills paid. I had to cut back on unnecessary trips out of the house simply to save on gas money and unnecessary wear and tear on my old car. I ended my cable services at home, cancelled several streaming subscriptions, and also made an effort to quit buying drinks and takeout food whenever I’m away from my house. Eventually I quit buying new video games and committed myself to using the backlog of games in my library that I haven’t played yet. One area of my life where I was spending a lot of money was heating and cooling in my house. The ductwork was installed when the house was built over fifty years ago, with at least four or more air conditioners connected to it in the time since. I was told by my heating and cooling technician that the air flow from room to room is inconsistent. The rooms towards the back of my house are warmer than the ones closer to the air handler itself. I can’t even afford dampeners to push more air to the back, let alone doing something as expensive as a full ductwork overhaul. Instead, I have a handful of cheap fans positioned in strategic locations in my house to manually improve air flow where it needs help the most. I had enough fans in a storage locker when I discovered the problem, which gave me immediate results without spending an extra penny to get there.


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