It’s warm in here, forgot to turn on AC

Sometimes I wish that I had a more detailed thermostat temperature control program so that I didn’t have to think about my indoor air quality at all.

It can be rather difficult to manage your heating and cooling system when you have other things going on in life. When you’re always trying to turn the air conditioning and heating systems up and down in accordance with your daily schedule, it gets quite exhausting. You’re prone to making mistakes as you’re running out the door for work every morning or handling routine errands around town. This is what happened to the other day when I ran out for a doctor’s appointment and completely forgot about the central heating and cooling systems programming. In the morning, it had been extremely cool outside so I had opened the windows to let in some fresh air. The indoor air had been getting stagnant from being sealed inside for weeks on end. I flipped the central heating and cooling system to the fan setting so that my indoor air would circulate even better. When I left to go to my appointment, apparently I remembered to close all of my windows, but completely forgot about the central heating and cooling settings. I returned home to a sweltering hot house and honestly thought that the air conditioning unit had broken down. It took me a few minutes to realize that the central HVAC system was circulating hot air rather than utilizing the air-conditioning device outside. This afternoon, I’m spending my free time researching modern temperature control units, so I can finally stop worrying so much about my forgettable indoor air quality.

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