It feels like fall; should I service AC or furnace?

It seems like every year people say that the weather is crazier and crazier. I can’t tell if this is true, or if people are just consistently up in arms about the outdoor temperatures. It feels like every winter people are saying that it’s the warmest or coldest on record. The same can be said for the summertime months. With all of these differing opinions claiming that things are always more extreme than they were in the past, I have a hard time believing anybody. However, I can tell you that the weather where I’m living is absolutely wild for this time of year. Normally, it would be a hundred degrees with 90% humidity by now. Everyday would feel like walking into a sauna and it would be impossible to survive without having your air conditioning blasting in your home, vehicle, and workplace. There’s no way to get by without energy efficient cooling systems on your average summer day. This year, things are completely different. The outdoor air temperature has been fluctuating from hot to cold, without ever reaching the normal summertime extremes. The climate is so strange this year that I honestly can’t figure out what to do with my indoor air quality control system. It seems like I need my air conditioning unit and my heater, depending on the day of the week. I don’t have a ton of money to spend right now, so this is causing some conundrums with my HVAC maintenance plan. For starters, I don’t know if I should arrange for a professional heating system inspection or my regular cooling system diagnostics. I can only afford a professional service appointment for one HVAC appliance or the other, but right now I need both.

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