Customer won’t pay for work

Sometimes I really worry about my oldest brother.

He is a pretty good guy but he has a few fatal flaws.

One of them being his explosive temper that erupts at the drop of a hat. You really don’t want to be on the wrong side of an argument when he’s around, because he’ll be red in the face and screaming and no time. That’s why I was pretty concerned when he had a customer refuse to pay for a specialized HVAC repair service the other day. You see, my brother is a very dedicated Heating and Cooling technician who works near the city. He has been operating central heating and cooling systems for about 3 years now, and he is extremely skilled at air quality control repair services, installations, and maintenance requests. He has worked in commercial and residential HVAC repair positions, and he finds the position to be as demanding as it is fulfilling. He takes his job so seriously that I wouldn’t be surprised if it sent him to jail. Especially if a customer tries to pull a fast one over on him. Apparently, the other day someone called him out to their house and asked for a routine cooling system repair. When he arrived, the homeowner had a variety of random used air conditioning parts sitting on a table. He asked for them to be used in his broken AC unit. When the time came to settle up his AC repair bill, the homeowner refused to pay the full amount and things got ugly. He said the quote didn’t match what he was being charged now, refusing to acknowledge the different services he asked for. My brother eventually walked away from the dispute; I’m glad he didn’t lose his temper or HVAC job.
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