We need to figure something else out

My wife plus I have been undoubtedly working every single day from our house for the past few weeks.

  • Both of us work a full-time job contained outside of the house plus things are much odd nowadays that the two of us job from home, however one major concern we have that seems to lead to arguments is the fact that the two of us totally disagree on the indoor temperature while in the morning.

My wife already has her own office at work plus she can keep the temperature in her space set to anything that she wants, but her office over there is usually set at 69 degrees. I have no control over the general temperature in my office plus most of the time it’s severely hot, humid, plus 70 or 72 degrees. My wife insists that the temperature we set inside of the house is just as cool as her office, so everyday she has been turning the temperature control down in the morning. By the time I wake up, it’s already cool plus chilly. I can tell that there’s massive amounts of cold air everywhere inside of the house plus when I’m cold I am not undoubtedly productive. I spend most of the morning at my desk, shaking plus shivering. It’s undoubtedly hot outside, however I still know that inside of our house it is undoubtedly chilly. My lovely wife plus I have had many discussions about the indoor temperatures and what we should do about them. The people I was with and I cannot seem to agree together on a temperature that is suitable for both of us. If we could, it would make the job a whole lot easier.



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