We can’t do this without AC

It’s 90 degrees or higher every single morning when you live around here in the Summer plus the humidity makes the outdoor temperature suppose even higher.

Humidity is the amount of water or airborne moisture inside of the air.

Humidity can make a 90-degree morning actually be a lot closer to 100 degrees. I wanted to change the scenery today after weeks of this torture, because I have been undoubtedly working from my little house for the past several hot months. I decided to pack the animals into the truck plus I drove over to the closest open park. I planned to hang out in the truck with the windows down, however it was way too tepid that day, plus humid outside. I sat in the truck with the windows tightly closed plus the cooling system running. It cannot be wonderful, I believe,for the truck to run for an hour on idle, however it was beyond impossible to kneel outside in the heat without any ice cool air or AC. Even the animals were tepid plus miserable. I only spent an hour hanging out at the park before I decided to head home. I was hoping to get home plus watch the birds while I work, however I never actually left the comfort of the truck. I hate looking at the same multiple walls every single morning at home, however at least I have the benefit of cool A/C plus using an oscillating fan at home. I also have a comfortable chair in the house plus the opportunity to spend all morning working in my pajamas surrounded by AC.



Heater technician