I think we need the other guy back

My family plus I have been using the same little Heating plus Air Conditioning provider for the past 15 years that we’ve lived here.

My parents used this supplier when I was younger, plus to this day, my wife plus I used them to repair our home.

My mom plus dad plus the original owner of the supplier went to private school together. After that, I guess my dad played pigskin with the guy. They still go to the local pigskin games, so my wife plus I have met most of the Heating plus Air Conditioning contractors because the supplier is so very local. Two or many of the men graduated with me a few years ago, plus I live near their parents. A few odd Heating plus Air Conditioning contractors actually have been to our house over the past years. Most of the HVAC guys are undoubtedly friendly, courteous, plus full of good information. The last time the two of us had an Heating plus Air Conditioning tune up at our place, the two of us were not impressed with the new guy. He really wasn’t friendly, but he also went out of his way to make things difficult. He barely answered my questions when I inquired about the fees with a word or two. He tried to charge us for some services that I realize are included with the regular tune-up. After the guy left our home that day, I decided to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning provider to make a pointed complaint about the new contractor. I’m sure I am not the only local homeowner to complain about the serviceman. Not looking forward to the fall Heating plus Air Conditioning tune-up.



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