Removing the aged boiler wasn’t simple

When I bought our new home there was a boiler system in the basement, and the boiler was giant, aged & didn’t work.

I saw the heating system it once was, and at 1 point, the boiler must have heated the whole new home completely, when I moved in, it was totally useless.

I stupidly thought getting rid of the boiler would be easy too. I abruptly realized removing it from the new home would require a professional. The basement door was too narrow. The windows were small & going back up through the new home wasn’t possible. I figured somebody would want the boiler & take it out in pieces though. I called a Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier to see if they wanted the equipment; Sure, the boiler was aged & aged, but I figured there were at least parts in the system they could use again. It also would be a free heating system system for them. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier took 1 look at it & laughed, however he said boilers are such heavy duty heating systems they can last from 50-80 years; Mine was on the older end of the spectrum, but no alike models were made & no heating system replacement parts were made. The heating system was an antique & junk. I then tried to see if a metal scrapper would take it. The guy wanted the metal however refused to put in the toil to remove it. I ended up having to demolish the heating system in our basement with heavy duty tools. I had to take the tiniest pieces because it was so heavy. It entirely was a horrible project.

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