Air conditioning in maternity wards froze out my friend’s hubby

One of my best friend’s, Lauren provided birth to a beautiful baby girl Last weekin a hospital. She was severely prepared for the hospital because it was her minute time giving birth. She had her hospital basket packed for weeks with everything she needed. She said when she got to the hospital she was super grateful for the a/c because her contractions were making her sweat. She said that the pain was so brutal that it raised her body temperature. Her hubby was genuinely grateful that she packed a sweatshirt plus sweatpants because the a/c was blasting in the hospital room. My other friend, Carlie is pregnant plus is due at the end of June… Lauren told Carlie to double check her hospital basket plus make sure she packs a sweatshirt for her hubby who gets cold entirely absolutely because the a/c will be so strong in the hospital room. Different hospitals use odd types of a/cs depending on the area of the hospital plus the type of room. Hospitals may use window unit a/cs, split a/c, packaged a/c, or central a/cs. Hospitals also use air filtration systems to prevent the spread of airborne diseases. No matter what type of a/c is used in hospitals, women are often grateful for a/c when they are giving birth. For women or family members that are waiting in the hospital when babies are being born, they may get cold however they have to understand it’s pressing for the health of the mother plus the baby to have an air conditioned environment.


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