Is it totally dumb to return?

Everyone in my family tells me that there could be some problems and I do not find myself with a lot of Pride to admit these is.

Everyone of us entirely did not believe that the relationship was going to be a good one.

It was okay at the best. Every one of us had romantic feelings that did not materialize into a passionate and also functional relationship. The biggest problem was the fact that everyone of us were stressing the other person out. Most of our time was spent bickering instead of relaxing. Every one of us broke up a few months ago and then every one of us is considered temperatures in our house. Every one of us have an apartment with a single air conditioner. The air conditioner is very powerful to keep many of us cool and comfortable, but my roommate and her guy always seem to rest by the AC unit. Then I have no cool air to the kitchen or even my bedroom. It’s not great to be this fourth wheel while my friend and her boyfriend are making out. My ex had a place with a powerful cooling unit. When every one of us slept at his apartment, the indoor air temperatures were extremely cool and comfortable. I have half a mind to even think but I could return to hang out with the guy and also enjoy some of the air conditioning for a while. I think it could be a good idea if the two of us could get along.

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