Media air purifier is a godsend

To say that I am completely shocked by what’s happened to our country out of nowhere in the last 3 months is a vast understatement.

I really didn’t ever guess a virus could upend our entire modern society in the manner I have witnessed. But once I saw the effect that all the global sheltering at home in the HVAC was having on our psyche and economics, of course I was stunned. Suddenly, I found it hitting honestly close to home – literally. My brother in law came down with Covid 19 and it was brutal for him to overcome. Then, the layoffs started while most of us were told to constantly stay inside the HVAC security of our homes. My husband took a major financial hit with his job as he is in retail. I also saw our income drop as there consistently were paying aspects of our job that I simply couldn’t do from home. That fact easily made myself and others really question some recent additions to our home in the past months. After what seemed love a decade of scratching back to having some currency, we upgraded a few things at home. Now, I am wondering if that was wise at all. However, I know there was one purchase that has turned out to be extra good in this situation. The people I was with and I had a whole lake house media air cleaner installed several months ago. It was something our husband wanted to have our air super fresh. Well, it easily did that. However, I have since l gained the knowledge that it is helping strengthen our immune plan as well. It is easily killing the airborne contaminants that wreak havoc on our usual immune health.

HEPA filter