The boardwalk

I love going down the shore and going to the boardwalk! That is my favorite thing to do with my friends in the summer time months.

  • After a long year of going to school, we want to do nothing but party and hang out! I love riding all the amusement park style rides they have, we love going into the arcades to play video games, and one thing that I love a lot is the air conditioning in all of the stores and places on the boardwalk! When it gets really hot out, I love how you can just walk by these open spaces that have central air conditioning pumping out of them and get a nice breeze of cool air! It is almost like having outdoor air conditioning in a way.

Because all of these stores and places to buy fast food are in a strip with each other for miles down the boardwalk, you have all of that central air conditioning blasting all over the place causing a form of outdoor air conditioning! This wouldn’t happen anywhere else but the good old boardwalk on the jersey shore. That is the truth. I have never seen any other set up like this other than maybe a carnival. But even a carnival doesn’t have this many strip mall type stores going for miles and miles. So the air conditioning is never giving this exact effect. Other than the great air conditioning I am surrounded by, I love the beach and the whole atmosphere of everything around it. If you can visit the boardwalk, do it!

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