Lavender tea helps to relieve stress

I work very long hours, and my job is extremely stressful.

While I make great money and I love what I do, there are side-effects from the pressure.

I tend to suffer from headaches, insomnia and an upset stomach. I find it nearly impossible to relax when I’m at home, and I sometimes deal with anxiety. I am reluctant to seek medical help because of the long-term side-effects of prescription medicine. I’ve found that a combination of exercise, diet and lavender tea are helpful. I now get up a little earlier every day in order to work out for an hour. I make sure to include high intensity aerobics to get my heart pumping. I’ve found that strenuous exercise is great for clearing my head, relieving stress and getting focused. I am far more productive at work when I take the opportunity to workout in the morning. I also set aside a half an hour to sit down with a hot cup of lavender tea and organize my thoughts. I’ve read that lavender tea is often recommended as a digestive aid for nausea, intestinal gas, abdominal swelling and vomiting. It’s also used to relieve pain from toothaches, sprains and headaches. It’s effective in treating antifungal-resistant infections and wound healing. I just know that I enjoy the aroma and the flavor. It takes only a couple of minutes to brew a cup of tea, and it is great for relaxation. I sometimes have an additional cup of tea on my lunch break at work and always drink one more cup before bed at night.

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