Cleansing the air inside my home

Once the air filter was in place I immediately noticed a difference in my air quality

You do various tasks everyday without even thinking about it. We take for granted the ability to walk, talk, and even to breathe. For me, I was struggling to breathe and had been ever since moving into my new apartment. I was young and desperate to get a bit of independence, so when I turned 18 I moved out of my parents place and rented the cheapest apartment money could buy. By no means was it fancy, but it got my by. But there was one big downfall about the place. It wasn’t that it was junky, or on a shady side of town, or even that some of the appliances didn’t work. It was the indoor air quality. Believe me when I say that it was suffocating. I don’t know what it is about the place but the whole apartment building was like walking into a cloud of smog that consumed everyone and everything in its path. Since moving here I had developed allergies and they were getting progressively worse. I decided to purchase some air purifiers to place in my apartment to clean the air. Having some sort of air cleaner should make the place more livable. I also purchased a high quality HEPA filter from my local HVAC business. Once the air filter was in place I immediately noticed a difference in my air quality. Now the air coming from the vents was clean and cool instead of dry and filthy. The best part was my allergies have almost completely disappeared. The air filter and air cleaners really did do the trick.

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