Wow, what a gorgeous cabin!

There are a few rental properties in my portfolio that are located on the Green Mountain Ridge. My family and I have owned the property for 50 years. Over the last 10 years I have tried to make a lot of changes so the people I was with and I can rent the properties for more money. The last property to acquire renovations is one of my preferred pieces of land. There is a 2 living room and 2 bathroom condo on the land. Inside of the cabin, there is a immense brick fireplace with an aged wooden heart. The heart is made from a piece of cherry wood that was hand carved by a person in town. With all of the appealing amenities in the area, I knew I would be able to get more rent if I made a few small updates. I decided to make some updates to the living room, because I felt like the fireplace was the focal point inside of the cabin. I bought some modern furniture and put a Fresh coat of paint on the walls. I added a 65 inch cable to the wall adjacent to the fireplace. I also made some adjustments in the home office and fixed areas around the porch so everything was safe and sturdy. After everything was finished, I placed an ad in the newspaper to rent the property. I was charging $669 each month, and I decided to see if I could get $1,000 each month in rent. On the first day I placed the ad in the newspaper, I had over 69 responses from folks that wanted to come view the property.


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