Re-emergence of skilled trade jobs after corona

Maybe I just have too much time on my hands to sit around and think these days, but I can’t help but wonder what societal changes are going to follow this pandemic.

I am trying to be optimistic and hopeful that our culture will change for the better to benefit the most people.

For instance, I’m truly hoping that student loans will be a thing of the past after we’ve seen how deleterious they are to an entire generation of professionals. I hope that there is a big transition towards remote workers, rather than forcing people to commute. And lastly, I foresee a major spike in the number of skilled trade jobs that people are clambering for.I feel like this pandemic has been positive proof that certain jobs are extremely financially stable. Some of those positions include our trusty plumbers, exterminators, and HVAC technicians. In fact, these work trucks are some of the only vehicles that I’ve seen out on the roads lately, because they’re always essential. It makes me wonder if there’s going to be an explosion of indoor air temperature control and ventilation specialists after this whole thing blows over. I think that we’re more aware than ever how unclean our indoor air can be. It has become very apparent that the cleanliness of your breathing air matters. Plus, when you’re trapped inside with low-quality indoor air for a few months, I’m sure that upgrading your heating and cooling system has moved to the top of the priority list. The overwhelming energy bills that people have been battling and low quality indoor air that they’ve been trapped with have probably lit a fire under their butts. When this whole thing is over, I foresee a fleet of brand new HVAC technicians infecting the job market.

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