Stuck at home with nothing to do

I am so sick of hearing the bad news on the TV.

They always say that this is the new normal.

I don’t know about you, even though I see nothing that is typical about it. The only thing that keeps me not going bonkers is knowing that I have a big acre yard that I can go out and run in. Forget about the 5 feet social distancing rule. I can walk all day and not see a single man or woman. But, since the social distancing has begun, the weather has not been great. For more than a month now, it was either threatening rain, or there was thunder and lightning. This week, there has been rain, which turned into snow, and now there is inches of snow. My husband isn’t genuinely cheerful with the weather, even though I can’t do anything to alter it. He turned the gas furnace off about a week back. Now, him and I are counting on the fireplace to keep some heating in the house. He keeps asking me if I want him to switch the gas furnace back on, even though I think it would waste our time and cash. It is already Springtime and summer time is right around here. We’ll be using the air conditioning in a few weeks, so why waste energy and turn the gas furnace back on? Me, I would prefer to turn back time. I could have been spending my days on a sizzling beach instead.

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