Social distancing making it hard to give birth

Easter has always been a day of happiness and celebration in our family.

This year, even with fear hanging over our heads, all of us wanted to keep that joy and celebratory mood in the house.

I was tied up getting supper when I got a cellphone call from my friend Lisa. I knew she was expecting her first baby, and I was hoping she was calling to tell me the baby was on his way. I couldn’t believe my ears when she not only said the baby was coming, but that there would be another as well. My friend Lisa was going to have twins! I was so cheerful that I cried. I was excited that someday I would get to watch them. With social distancing, I would need to wait. My friend also wanted to give birth in her own house rather than the hospital. She was worried about the indoor air quality. Her husband told me that they had to turn on the gas furnace to keep it sizzling in the home for the babies. Since my friend’s husband wasn’t all that handy, it was difficult getting the heater all set for the new arrivals. It would be smarter for him to just call a HVAC technician, but they were worried about introducing gets into their home. My friend said it took them a couple of tries to get the gas furnace running. From what I gathered, she had to call the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C company to get some advice on what to do.



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