Moving my bird into my room

Just yesterday, I had a brand new HVAC system installed.

It was one of the newer models, one that most HVAC companies proudly advertised as one of the most efficient a/c systems on the market.

I had the money, and my air conditioning system needed to be updated anyway. After the HVAC technician installed it, I enjoyed the cooling breeze. The way my home was set up, my cooling unit was in my living room, which meant I had nice cool air blowing on me while I watched TV. Then, when I wanted to be warm, I just went into my room, where I had the air vents closed, and my room was nice and warm. Unfortunately, as much as I liked my new air conditioning system, my pet parrot did not. Since his cage was in the living room, he was close to the a/c component at all times. This wouldn’t have been too much of a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that this AC machine is a lot more powerful, and now my parrot was cold. He would constantly ruffle his feathers and start shaking. I tried moving his cage across the room, but he would still loudly squawk and seem unhappy. Obviously, the situation wasn’t going to improve, so I decided to move his cage into my room, where it was still warm. I didn’t really want to do this, since he was quite noisy and that would make it harder to sleep, but I didn’t want him to be cold either. After he was moved away from the air conditioning, he resumed back to his regular parrot activities.

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