Hazy mist

I had to go deep into the city for a business meeting the other week.

I usually do not have to go to that part of town in my line of work, but that day was a one off kind of thing.

When I was getting close to the city I noticed the sky was looking quite hazy and there was a mist in the air. This confused me a lot because the rest of the area was clear. It turns out that they were having some issues with the air quality in that area as a result of a small building that had burnt down a few days earlier. Luckily no one was hurt. But the air quality was really bad and the skies were hazy and misty as a result. As soon as I seen this and found out what was going on after talking to someone at the business meeting I was attending, all I wanted to do was get the heck out of there as quickly as possible. I am not one who reacts well to bad air quality. I usually have bad allergies that flare up when I am around bad air quality. That is one of the reasons I bought a whole home air purification system for my home as well. I was pretty lucky in the sense that I was able to get the business meeting over and done with and get out of that part of the inner city and back to my area where the sky was clear and there was no air quality issues.


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I had no idea what to do

He answered the phone, and when I explained what happened with my central air conditioner, he didn’t laugh

When the air conditioner broke at my house, I had no idea what to do. I guess that having a broken air conditioner is one of those things that my school never taught me. I wish that I would have learned about what to do when you have a broken air conditioner because I wouldn’t have had to call my dad and felt so foolish when I had no idea what to do. It was my first time living in my own house. I moved out nearly as soon as I could because I did not want to live with my family any longer. For some stupid reason, I was mad at my father, and I determined that I was going to move away and live my own life without any help from him. However, when my central air conditioner broke, I had no idea what I was going to do. I have never lived without a central air conditioner, but I had also never owned a central air conditioner, so I didn’t know what you were supposed to do when you had a problem. I didn’t have a phone with the internet at the time, so I couldn’t even do that. I didn’t want to ask my neighbors or anything, so I had to swallow my pride and call my dad. He answered the phone, and when I explained what happened with my central air conditioner, he didn’t laugh. I expected him to laugh, but he gave me the number of a good HVAC technician and even offered to help me pay the bill. I guess that I shouldn’t have been so hard on my parents.


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The air conditioners in this building looked weird

When I lived in a foreign country for a few years, I saw things that you would never see in my home country.

There were things that they had that we would have never even thought about where I grew up.

However, even things that I knew about looked different where I lived in a foreign country. For instance, the foreign country had air conditioners that were completely different from the air conditioners that we had where I was born and raised. Where I am from, there were primarily two types of air conditioners in any building or house. You typically either had a central air conditioner or a window air conditioner. Besides those two types of air conditioners, there really isn’t any type of variety. If you had a lot of money or owned a business, you probably had a nice central air conditioner to cool the entire building down. If your budget wasn’t very large or you did not own your own house, you had a window air conditioner. Every once in a while, you might see a different type of air conditioner, but it was rare. However, while I was living in a foreign country, I saw an air conditioner that was different than one that I had ever seen. This air conditioner sat in the corner of the room, and the air conditioner looked like a larger rectangle. The air conditioner was way taller than I am, and I didn’t see any type of drain on the air conditioner. I have literally never seen an air conditioner like that before, and it was so strange. Obviously, I have heard of air conditioners, but even the air conditioners in that country were different than those that I have seen.


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I was helping my grandma and I hurt my foot

Then I lugged it across the kitchen and the living room, through the dining room, and to the stairs to the second floor

My grandma is one of those old ladies who always feels cold. She’s always wearing a sweater and slippers and she loves to sit by her fireplace. Well, the other day I was at her house and she asked me to help her move her space heater up the stairs. She said that she had been getting really cold at night, even when the rest of the house felt fine. It’s the middle of the summer and the temperatures outside are usually between 75 and 85 degrees, yet she still feels cold. I’m just not sure what the problem is, but I want to make her feel comfortable because she’s an old lady! So I went over to have lunch with her and that’s when she talked me into moving the space heater. I asked her what in the world she wanted with a space heater in the middle of the summertime but she said that her room felt like an icebox at night. So I lugged the space heater out of the storage closet down in the basement and I took it up the stairs. Then I lugged it across the kitchen and the living room, through the dining room, and to the stairs to the second floor. I was doing pretty well up until then, but the space heater was getting pretty heavy at that point. I stopped to rest for a minute and then I started my slow ascent up the stairs to my grandma’s room. That’s when I lost my balance on the stairs somehow and I ended up dropping the space heater right on my foot!


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My sister Elle started her own heating and cooling company

My little sister Elle started up her own local heating and cooling company, but it’s not here in the same town that we grew up in.

I have to say that I’m pretty proud of her.

She is the first female HVAC technician in our family, although she is definitely not the first person in the family to be in the heating and cooling industry. On the contrary, we have a family owned HVAC company that has been around this area for the past forty years. My grandpa started an HVAC company as soon as he came home from the war and he ran it until just a few years ago when he handed over the reins to my dad. So as you can see, my sister wasn’t exactly new to the idea of being an HVAC technician. She’s been working on furnaces and air conditioning systems from the time she could walk. We just never really thought that this would be the career that she would choose. There are so few female HVAC technicians out there that this type of career is basically considered to be a man’s world. So when Elle told us she was going to get her HVAC certification, we were surprised but also pleased. Now, she has moved to another city and she’s decided to go into business for herself instead of staying here to work at the family heating and cooling business. I’m really happy for her and I hope that her HVAC company does as well as my grandpa’s has over the years.


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We have been trying to do good deeds because of the shutdowns

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who came out to get their free air filters! We made a whole lot of new contacts and a positive impact on the community

My husband and I own a local heating and cooling company here in town, and the whole time that everyone has been dealing with the shutdowns, we’ve been trying to do good wherever we can. We are people who really like to help out the community, since they have been so good at supporting our HVAC company for the past seven years that we’ve been open. We are always looking to do giveaways and things like that, and so when people started feeling so worried and stressed out about the indoor air quality in their homes, we thought that we could help out. We decided that we would do some giveaways each week and so we started giving out free air filters to people who were our existing HVAC customers. Then we thought about it and we decided that we didn’t want to limit our good deeds and charity work to only our former customers. We wanted to make a difference in the indoor air quality of people that we had not even met yet. We started running some local radio and TV ads about our HVAC company and we told people that we would be giving out free air filters each week for as long as we had them available. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who came out to get their free air filters! We made a whole lot of new contacts and a positive impact on the community. I think that once life finally gets back to normal, we will end up with a whole lot of new HVAC clients because of this.


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My dad is moving in with us in a month

We want my dad to feel like he’s at home and like he’s still independent, but we also want to make sure that we aren’t freezing to death from the air conditioning in the summer

In just under a month, my dad is going to be moving in with me and my husband. We have been trying to get him to move in with us for months, but he’s a stubborn old goat and he likes doing things his own way. He’s always been that way, and I probably get some of my stubbornness from him. Anyway, the reason that he has been holding on on moving in at our house even though he knows he probably should is because of his great love for his air conditioning system. My dad has always been the king of his castle and he likes being in charge of the thermostat at his house. He tends to keep the air conditioning set at a really low temperature, like around 65 degrees or so. He keeps it set this low all summer long, and the past few years when I go to visit him, I have to wear my winter coat. I know that he’s thinking that we won’t let him keep the A/C turned down that low at our house, and he’s right! But the thing is, we have already been thinking about how we could circumvent that problem. We want my dad to feel like he’s at home and like he’s still independent, but we also want to make sure that we aren’t freezing to death from the air conditioning in the summer. We talked to our HVAC technician about it and he said that the perfect solution would be for us to install zone control heating and cooling. We thought that sounded like the perfect solution too, and so by the time my dad moves in next month, he will be able to control his own air conditioning in our house, too!
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We were at a big outdoor party and it was too hot

We had to go to a big outdoor graduation party last week and the weather was so hot that I was miserable.

I had not originally planned on going, but it was my niece’s birthday party and my sister got really mad at me when I told her that I was not planning on coming.

I told her that I couldn’t stand the thoughts of going outside in the really high temperatures without air conditioning for any length of time. She said she couldn’t believe that I would consider skipping my niece’s party just because I’m a baby about needing air conditioning all the time. We kind of got into a fight about it and finally I told her that I would go but I wasn’t staying long. When I arrived, the temperature outside was almost ninety degrees and there was no sign of it cooling off at all. I stayed in my car with the A/C blasting through the air vents until the last possible minute. When I got out and walked over to the party, I was sweating through my shirt within minutes and just like I suspected I would be, I was miserable. I needed to get out of there fast, but I saw my sister watching me with her eyes narrowed. I stuck around so I could help sing the birthday song and I even watched her cut the cake and then I got out of there. I was so happy to be back in my car with the A/C going full blast! And honestly, I feel like I made an effort and my sister should not be mad at me.


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My mom’s dogs are so spoiled

My mom has made her little dogs her pet projects, so to speak. She spoils them like crazy and I think that it’s ridiculous. She definitely did not ever treat me as well as she treats her silly little dogs and maybe I’m just a little bit jealous or something. Anyway, last year she put in this gigantic dog house for them in the backyard because she thought that they needed to have their own space. I thought that was crazy enough, but now she has decided that having their own dog house is not enough. Now, she wants to have a special little HVAC system installed in the doghouse for them too. She says that if they don’t have their own heating and cooling system in the dog house, then they might get too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. I think it’s ridiculous, though. I mean, dogs have fur coats to keep them warm in the winter, right? I guess that maybe I could understand the need to put some sort of cooling system out there because it does get really hot here in the summertime. But buying a ductless mini split air conditioning unit to put into a dog house just seems like overkill to me. I think my mom may be going overboard when it comes to these dogs. I asked her the other day if she’s going to be writing the dogs into her will, too. Should I worry that they are going to take my place as her favorite child? It’s crazy. I don’t think that any dog needs more of a cooling system than a bowl of water, some shade, and possibly a fan. They certainly don’t need their own doggy A/C.


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In my opinion, HEPA filters are worth the money

In my personal opinion, HEPA filters are definitely worth the money if you want to put them in your home’s HVAC system. It’s really important to make sure that the air filter that you use in your heating and cooling system is the right one for your home. Some people need to use allergy reducing air filters, to keep the indoor air quality in their homes at the right levels for them. When you are trying to decide which sort of air filter you need for your HVAC system, make sure that you get one that works for your family’s specific needs. If you suffer from different kinds of allergies, you might want to invest in an allergen reducing air filter. Either way, though, I suggest that you use a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are well known for their ability to get most of the offending particles out of the air in your ventilation system. If you go the cheap route and buy air filters that aren’t as good, you might save a little bit of money but you run the risk of having air quality that’s not as good as it could be. I personally think that it’s worth the money to buy higher quality air filters to go in your A/C and your heating system. I know a lot of people like to buy cheaper ones, but they don’t last as long and they really don’t keep your air quality at the levels that you should be breathing. In my opinion, HEPA filters are definitely worth the money.

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