Cooling for gaming computer

Oh, didn’t I mention? I am a bigtime gamer too

My boyfriend is really into gaming. I mean really really into gaming. I had no idea how big of a gamer he is until I saw his house for the first time. He has a whole room dedicated to his gaming. There is a computer worth thousands of dollars, a desk, gaming chair, 3 screens, special headphones and special climate control. The climate control is what was most interesting to me. Not only does his whole house have central heating and cooling but the gaming room has its own air conditioner as well. Specifically he has a portable air conditioner hooked up to the window. That portable air conditioner has a large hose duct running from the front of it and it is directed at the air intake part of the computer tower. So it appears the entire portable air conditioner is set up to keep the computer cool. When I asked about it, my boyfriend said that that is not really the way most people do it but that it works well for him. He said his computer never overheats anymore. Additionally, the duct hose is not air tight so he gets a lot of the cold air as well. He said it helps him concentrate. I think it is smart. I don’t know if I would have thought of doing something like that. I am already looking forward to moving my gaming equipment into this room so we can play together. Oh, didn’t I mention? I am a bigtime gamer too. Maybe not like my boyfriend but I still think we could have lots of fun together.



Space heater

I’d rather have a baseboard heater than a space heater

I had two rooms for rent in my ranch-style house and I was happy when a nice older lady told me she was very interested in renting both of the rooms.

She explained that she wanted one room for herself and the second room for her vast reptile connection.

I was a bit taken aback. On the one hand, I am not a huge fan of reptiles. On the other hand, reptiles won’t need kitchen privileges or anything like that so they would make good house guests. So I agreed. Once the reptiles were moved in I started to have second thoughts. Those reptiles need a lot of heat. Heat equals electricity. Electricity equals money. Thankfully, my new tenant agreed to pay anything above average to help heat her reptiles. She also said that her pets wouldn’t need much cooling in the summer months so we could save that way too. However, she does want to put a space heater in the reptile room and I don’t want her to do that. I think space heaters are unsafe and I don’t want a fire starting. My tenant assured me that the space heater she has will turn itself off if it even gets bumped but I was still not comfortable. Finally, she talked me into letting her get a baseboard heater for the room. Those seem to be a lot safer, in my opinion. Now that we have the heating issue all settled I have found that I really am happy with my new tenant and her pets. Don’t tell anyone but I am even starting to warm up to some of the lizards. They are kind of cute.

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Space heater causes fire in duplex

I live in a rented duplex and yesterday was quite exciting. I had just gotten home from running some errands when I noticed that my neighbor’s smoke alarm was going off. I assumed they just overheated their lunch but several minutes later the alarm was still going off. Then I started smelling smoke. I went outside and that is when I noticed a lot of smoke coming from the windows and door frame. I tried ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door but my neighbor wasn’t home. So I called the fire department. The fire trucks came roaring in. They ended up breaking down the door to extinguish the fire. Apparently the cause of the fire was a space heater in the bedroom. Someone had thrown a shirt over it and it had caught fire. I am so glad that I was home. If not, my house might have burned up along with my neighbor’s. After all, we share a wall. The thing is that I don’t understand why they were even using a space heater. These duplexes have central heating and air. Of course the landlord showed up after the fire was extinguished. Most of the fire damage was contained to the bedroom. Even still, I am surprised at home much damage a simple space heater is capable of. My neighbors are going to have to replace their bed and a lot of clothing. The landlord is going to have to replace the carpeting and possibly one of the walls. I won’t be surprised if we get a notice saying not to use space heaters after this.


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Old apartment had mold from A/C

Growing up my family had very little.

My dad worked very hard to keep food on the table but there were whole weeks where we ate nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or ramen noodles.

Christmas was the only time of year where we might get new clothes. None of that bothered me so much. I knew Dad was doing the best he could. What did bother me was the crappy apartment we lived in. It didn’t have to be crappy but the landlord knew none of us could afford to move so he rarely ever did any repairs. When repairs were done it was always too little too late. Take, for example, the HVAC system in the apartment. The heater broke down so often that we rarely even checked to see if it worked. Instead, we just used space heaters. But, of course, you can’t leave space heaters running unsupervised so we would have to wait for the house to warm up when we got home from school. The air conditioner was just as bad, if not worse. Although the air conditioner did work most of the time it also leaked water down the ductwork. This leaking water caused mold all throughout the apartment complex. Our apartment always smelled moldy and musty. There were times when we could even see patches of mold on the ceiling. When that happened our dad would spray the area with some bleach. When I finally was able to move out and go out on my own I was surprised to find that not all apartments have major HVAC issues. Also, not all apartments smelled like mold. I live in an apartment now that doesn’t stink at all. Also, if the HVAC system has an issue it is repaired by real HVAC technicians.

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I Had to Hire Someone To Install My New Air Conditioning Unit

Not only did I have to buy a new air conditioning system for my home, but I realized that it was so much more than swiping my credit card and paying for it.

A new air conditioning system wasn’t going to install itself.

Unfortunately, I knew nothing about AC systems or the installation process. Because of this, I had to hire an HVAC professional to come out and install the new equipment, which was going to cost me more money. I did some research online and found some reputable companies that offered free installation, but I had to purchase the AC system from them. I didn’t do this, so the installation process would cost me an arm and a leg. The company I purchased the new AC system didn’t offer installation at all, which is probably why it wasn’t as expensive. I didn’t want to cheap out on the installation though, because I needed the AC system to work for a really long time. I read that an AC system could run for over a decade if they were installed properly, so it was really important to have it installed correctly. I found a great company online that was willing to install the AC system for me, and they guaranteed everything would run well for 2 years or they’d come and repair it. If something went horribly wrong, they’d replace the entire AC system for me. This sounded like a company that was serious about their air conditioning installation process!
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My Husband Didn’t Hear the HVAC Noises

When I left my husband alone at home while I went out of town on a business trip, I left him a lot of instructions.

I left a note above the washer and dryer, explaining the proper detergent measurements and which buttons to push.

I put notes on all the food in the refrigerator with instructions on how to heat it up. I even left a note on the toilet seat in an attempt to remind him to put it down. My husband said he didn’t need all the notes because he was more than self sufficient, but I wanted to be certain. I wouldn’t have a lot of cell phone service on my business trip, so he wasn’t guaranteed to get a hold of me if he needed help with something. Thankfully, I didn’t receive any urgent phone calls about dinner or laundry, and I returned home to a clean and tidy house. The toilet seat was even down! However, I wasn’t home long before I started hearing funky noises. At first, it started as a rattling sound, but then it turned into small banging noises. I asked my husband what the noises were, and he looked at me like I was nuts. I had to point out the noises I was hearing, in order for him to finally hear them. It sounded like our HVAC system was making the noises. I knew this wasn’t good, so I hired the HVAC guy to come take a look at it. Something came loose in the equipment, which was causing the funky noises. I can’t believe my husband didn’t hear these HVAC noises while I was away.
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The Snow Storm Killed My Furnace

I’m that person who thought they could get away without having their HVAC system serviced before the winter season began. I’m usually really good about having my HVAC system serviced twice per year, but for some reason, I’ve been extra busy this season. I considered calling my HVAC guy, but I truly thought I could go one season without it. I’ve heard about some people never having their HVAC system serviced and they never have any issues. Of course, I didn’t have the same luck. Like I said above, I wasn’t planning on having my HVAC system serviced. I made it a month into the winter season without any issues, so I thought I’d be fine. However, when I saw the weather channel talk about a massive snow storm coming into town, I panicked. I called my HVAC guy immediately and asked him to come service my HVAC system. According to him, every other homeowner that put off their HVAC servicing did the same thing too, so there was a two week waiting list. This wasn’t going to help me before the snow storm, but I added my name to the list anyway. I’m glad I did, because the snow storm hit hard and my furnace stopped working. I really regretted not having my HVAC system serviced at the beginning of winter like I was supposed to. It would’ve saved me a ton of money. Thankfully, I had an appointment already scheduled, because I’m probably not the only one who lost a furnace to the snow storm.
Heat pump

We Had a Portable Space Heater

When the snow began to fall at the beginning of the snowstorm, my husband and I were amazed.

We enjoyed watching the flurries fall while we sipped on some wine and cozied up by the fire.

We went to bed feeling warm and cozy, anticipating the blanket of snow we’d see in the morning. However, at 3am, the two of us woke up feeling really cold. My husband and I snuggled together, trying to create body heat. However, when neither of us warmed up after 30 minutes, we realized that something was terribly wrong. When I went to turn the bedside light on, it never turned on. This is when we realized that the power went out. When the power went out, so did our furnace. We were snowed in with no heat! Thankfully, we were prepared. We had a small, portable space heater in our closet that we never got to use. It was just waiting for a moment like this. The best part about our portable space heater was that it didn’t have to be plugged in. Thankfully, it took batteries! We put some fresh batteries into the back and fired her up. The space heater was small, but powerful. Heat started pumping out of it immediately. Unfortunately, it didn’t spread the heat very far, so we were forced to stay in front of it. My husband and I placed the space heater at the foot of the bed so we could feel the heat while we slept.


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I think the air filtration adapter will help the indoor air

I wasn’t very worried about the coronavirus until two of my coworkers got sick.

Then I started to worry a lot and I became very anxious.

I told my husband that I wanted an air filtration machine for our home. My husband thought I was being paranoid and he told me that we were being safe and taking good precautions. I still wanted an air purifier, so I called a company that specializes in indoor air solutions and ventilation equipment. I had them come give me a free estimate while my husband was at work. I knew he would complain if I called them on a Saturday or a Sunday. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have them take a look at my house since the estimate was 100% free with no obligation. The indoor air solutions company specialist told me that he could add a special adapter to our HVAC units. The adapter uses UV light to kill harmful germs and viruses that passed through the HVAC system. The adapter was expensive but very easy to install. I was going to wait until my husband got home so the two of us could discuss the air filtration equipment, but the salesperson gave me an amazing deal on the installation charges. I decided to have the work done before my husband even got home from work. He was pretty upset when he got home and realized that I spent a chunk of money without discussing it first, but he was really happy about the air filtration product. Both of us are hopeful that it will keep our family safe.


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The air purifier was broken and no one knew how it happened

Almost all restaurants, businesses, and social establishments have air purifiers filtering the indoor air to help fight against the covid-19 virus. I work for a company that services these air purifiers. 80% of the machines that you see are rental units. Industrial air purifiers are very expensive and most companies can’t afford to spend that kind of money when times are already tough and lean. I spend all day on Wednesday and Friday servicing the air purifiers that we have in local businesses. On Wednesday I went to the grocery store. They have an air purifier at the front of the store, one in the break room, and one in the business office. I serviced all three units and everything was working well. On Friday, the air purifier in the break room was broken and it wasn’t working at all. No one had any idea how it happened. I asked a lot of people in the building, because the air purifier had major damage. It looked like someone kicked it with a steel boot or dropped it down the stairs. There is absolutely no way that the air purifier could have sustained the damage without a major disaster. I tried to get an answer, but everyone was tight-lipped. I told the manager that we were going to charge them for the damage and I replaced the air purifier with a different machine. It’s probably going to be 4 or $500 to repair the damage that occurred. If the manager knows what happened, he better get someone to reimburse him for the damages.

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