Seems the right time to get a fireplace in the house

I’ve been hoping to get a new fireplace for numerous years plus I do feel that this year is when it’s totally going to happen.

It’s honestly just something that I’ve always wanted plus I honestly never had the time, inclination, or the currency to easily have it done.

You might be surprised by this, but it is relatively high-priced to have a fireplace added to your home if it wasn’t built with a fireplace already. I do feel that a lot of people around these parts where they are living know they need a fireplace in their household, but I’m definitely not one of those people! I care about having a wood burning fireplace in the household, especially while in the nippy season plus while in the holidays. I just guess they are soothing plus relaxing. I care about laying by the fireplace in the nippy season with a fantastic book plus a giant cup of coffee. So whenever my hubby asked what I wanted to get for my birthday this year, I told him that I wanted to get my wood burning fireplace installed entirely. This is going to be the year that it finally happens. I do believe we can get a fantastic deal on it if we purchase it this Springtime from our preferred Heating plus A/C device supplier. Obviously, they aren’t incredibly busy with the fireplace business in the Springtime, so both of us are going to be able to save a huge amount of currency by having it installed at this time of the year. I am honestly fine with that, but I can’t promise that I won’t be using the fireplace while in the Springtime plus the hot season this year! I’m just legitimately thrilled about it!

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I think I’m finally going to get my new fireplace

I’ve been wanting a new fireplace for years and I think this year is when it’s finally going to happen.

It’s just something that I’ve always wanted and we just never really had the time, inclination, or the money to actually have it done.

You might be surprised by this, but it is actually really expensive to have a fireplace added to your house if it wasn’t built with a fireplace already. I guess a lot of people around these parts where we live don’t feel like they need a fireplace in their home, but I’m not one of those people! I love having a wood burning fireplace in the house, especially during the winter and during the holidays. I just think they are soothing and relaxing. I love to sit by the fireplace in the winter with a good book and a cup of coffee. So whenever my husband asked what I wanted to get for my birthday this year, I told him that I wanted to get my wood burning fireplace installed finally. And this is going to be the year that it finally happens. I guess we can get a really good deal on it if we purchase it this spring from our favorite HVAC company. Obviously, they aren’t really busy with the fireplace business in the spring, and so we are going to be able to save lots of money by having it installed at this time of the year. I am totally fine with that, but I can’t promise that I won’t be using the fireplace during the spring and the summer this year! I’m just very excited about it!


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Thank goodness for that old space heater

My wife and I used to go camping all of the time, even when the weather outside was very cold and chilly.

We had a tent for a long time, so we always kept a space heater in the camping supplies.

When my wife and I moved from a tent to an RV, we put the space heater in the garage. It has been sitting on the shelf in the garage for the past three years, but it still came right on when I needed to use it last weekend. The furnace stopped working in the middle of the night on Saturday and my wife and I did not want to pay the emergency fees to the heating company. It was pretty cold and the house, but I remembered the space heater and the garage. I brought it to the bedroom and closed our door. I turned on the space heater and we let the machine run all night long. We stayed very warm in the bedroom, even if the rest of that house was intensely cold.I called the heating company as soon as we woke up in the morning. My wife and I had a full breakfast with oatmeal, eggs, toast, and fruit. Shortly after we finished eating, the heating company technician showed up to work on the furnace. My wife and I did not have any inconvenience by waiting until the morning to have the repair handled, because we had the space heater in the garage. The $15 machine is 10 years old and it still works like a charm.

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I should have filled the tank first

My sister and I went to a concert last weekend.

We drove 2 hours before we arrived at our destination.

The drive was peaceful and calm. We were on a lot of country roads and the weather was exceptional. The car was almost out of gas when we arrived, and I thought it might be a good idea to fill up before the concert. My sister was in a hurry and she was ready to go into the venue. We decided to wait to fill the tank until after the concert was over. The three hour concert ended right at 11pm. Everyone was clamoring to get into the city. Unfortunately, my sister and I were stuck in a traffic jam after the concert ended. We sat in traffic for 2 hours and we could not run the air conditioner because the gas was low. Every time I tried to turn on the air conditioner, my sister went crazy. She was afraid we would run out of gas and get stuck in the parking lot. I tried to remind my sister that I suggested we should fill the tank first, but she certainly didn’t want to hear that. We were both hot and sweaty by the time we actually got to the gas station. I put $60 in the tank. I knew it would be plenty of gas to get both of us all the way home. It was still very warm and humid, so we rode with the AC on high the rest of the way home.

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Someone in the hotel room was smoking cigarettes

My wife finally opened up the curtains on the window and the two of us realized that someone on the second floor was hanging out of the window with a cigarette

These days, most hotels are all non-smoking. Some hotels don’t allow you to smoke on the property unless you are inside of your own car. My wife and I stopped smoking cigarettes about 10 years ago, but our noses are still very sensitive to the smell. I can smell a cigarette from a hundred yards away. My wife and I went to visit some friends and we stayed in a hotel. Our room was on the third floor. Halfway through the first night, my wife and I started to smell the rotten stench of cigarettes. I got up and looked around the room, because the smell was so strong. I honestly thought for sure someone was inside of our room. The smell was coming from the HVAC unit. My wife and I could not figure out how the smell of cigarettes was coming from the HVAC unit. We turned off the system and the smell disappeared. When we turned the air conditioner back on, we smelled the awful stench of cigarettes again. My wife finally opened up the curtains on the window and the two of us realized that someone on the second floor was hanging out of the window with a cigarette. The odor from that cigarette was coming up to the third floor and right into our room via the HVAC system. I thought about calling the front desk to complain about the person on the second floor, but I didn’t want to be that person. Instead, my wife and I decided to sleep with the air conditioner off the rest of the night.



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The small air purifier does a huge job

I have always had trouble with seasonal allergies. I had to take an over-the-counter medicine every day when I was a young child. Sometimes I had a runny nose or watery eyes because of the allergens. I suffered most of my childhood. None of the medications worked very well. After I became an adult and moved into an apartment of my own, I tried to think of a way to help the indoor atmosphere. One of my co-workers suggested using a small air purifier in my bedroom. I certainly didn’t want to spend a fortune on a home air filtration unit, but I was intrigued by the idea of using a small air purifier. I looked online at several different makes and models, but I was afraid to buy a machine online without looking at it in depth. I found a machine online that was also in the hardware store. I want to look at the machine. The owner of the hardware store even took the machine out of the box so I could look at it. When I realized that the machine had a three-year warranty, I decided to pull the trigger on the purchase. The small air purifier does a huge job. I have the machine running all day and all night in my bedroom. It is easily the cleanest and freshest part of the house. I can spend all day in that room without a single allergy related issue. It’s easy to tell when the air purifier is running, because the indoor air quality is top-notch. It smells like a hospital room.

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I overshot my expectations with a new order for heat and ac products

I recently went separate ways with my long term business partner.

We started off as friends at a homeowners solutions convention and ended up setting a partnership business 3 months later.

Before then, I was stuck in a dead end job I had been trying to walk out of. This opportunity turned things around. However, two years into the partnership, we were dealing with mistrust and misuse of company finances. With my finance background and the desire to uphold ethical values of a professional entrepreneur, I couldn’t take it. Sold my shares and set up my company. We had employees who would handle everything, here I was trying to juggle everything alone. My first and most expensive mistake was to promise my old and new customers to wait out a new shipment of heat and ac products I had made. But because of the miscalculation of the arrival date, the products ended up arriving halfway into the winter season. I lost a lot of orders on boiler installation equipment, central heating assembly parts, furnace parts, HEPA filter, programmable thermostat, electric heat pump, and smart HVAC. My aim was to become a distributor so I wasn’t really prepared for other market needs like actual boiler repair or installation of hot water boiler so I didn’t even need to hire an HVAC repairman. So I ended up holding onto my supplies until the season passed. I was banking my competitive edge on supplying whole home heating equipment and improvised electric fireplace suites for the modern homes. I was glad to learn that I wasn’t the only one facing supply chain issues since my former partner also faced stock outages due to stock mismanagement by the employees I left behind.


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HEPA filters gains popularity with residents in need of new AC

When I joined the sector for household equipment some years back, I had little expectation of making it big.

That was my third business attempt after running down a vehicle parts store and a dry foods retail store.

I have been in the homeowner solutions business for quite sometime now, and I have seen demands for heat and ac products shift time and again thanks to the market forces. Regular business does guarantee consistent revenue but when the market forces bring about negative changes, we experience sudden decline in orders and repair jobs. However, the latest shift has nothing to do with the natural market forces. Ever since the county government announced that we should be more energy saving conscious and embrace smart HVAC systems, we have had several inquiries from residents seeking to upgrade their whole home heating equipment. Few understand how such changes can benefit them. The majority, who mostly cannot afford a central heating upgrade, go for minor upgrades that focus on switching the regular filter with HEPA filter, electric heat pump instead of gas, and a programmable thermostat. Others simply want boiler repair for the usual equipment before they can think of saving for the new upgrades. A complete overhaul would require a new boiler installation, with or without a pump in place. Unlike a traditional fireplace or furnace which we hardly come across nowadays, upgrading a modern hot water boiler can be quite costly. The sudden demand has also led to shortages of parts and equipment. The upside is that my HVAC repairman is twice as business and the spike has pushed up my revenue since the announcement.

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I took my chances with boiler installation at the start of winter

Procrastination has been my worst enemy for as long as I can remember.

I tend to think I function optimally when under pressure but everyone seems to disagree.

Sometimes I take my procrastination too far and it doesn’t play to my advantage. Like the time I held off booking an appointment with my HVAC repairman, to come and perform the regular boiler repair. In my mind, I am always like, they become so busy at the beginning of summer or autumn sorting homeowner solutions for everyone. So since I waited till the beginning of winter, I end up calling late like I did last time. And I couldn’t find a technician in time, every one of them I called was either fixing a hot water boiler somewhere or fine tuning a programmable thermostat somewhere, or servicing a furnace. I was stupid enought to believe I’d actually find a technician just waiting for my call to come running to my rescue. Residents have more whole home heating issues than commercial premises, especially since we spend a good part of our day at home utilizing all manner of heating equipment like the electric heat pump, central heating and many other heat and ac products. By the time help came my way, it was way into winter and my boiler was hardly responding to the thermostat. Anything more than that and i’d face boiler installation in the middle of winter. Its under such circumstances I envied those who use the traditional fireplace unlike my smart HVAC with its government approved HEPA filter. Well for once I did learn a lesson not to mess with the most important things. I am still working on being proactive and completing my tasks and errands in time rather than wait too long.
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The morgue got too hot from an overheated electric heat pump

Anyone who has gone to the morgue knows that it needs to be cool in order to preserve the bodies.

Once while at work as a morgue attendant, I noticed that the temperature seemed a little bit high.

I was working the day shift and by mid-morning, the temperatures had shot up significantly. I could also hear the unit rumbling noisily. The kitchen though was very cold. I contacted the local homeowner solutions provider to send a reputable HVAC repairman. The technician identified a frozen electric heat pump that was putting a strain on the central heating causing it to rumble noisily. The heat exchanger had frozen up causing the furnace not to blow the desired cool air into the morgue. The technician redid the boiler installation and the boiler repair. The heat and AC products that had malfunctioned were replaced and the furnace returned to functioning normally. He also replaced the batteries of the programmable thermostat that was controlling the hot water boiler. The dirty HEPA filter was changed to reduce the stress on the fireplace. The smart HVAC was revived and it restored the whole home heating. By afternoon, the temperatures within the morgue and kitchen had returned to normal and I was not worried about the bodies decaying at a fast rate. The technician also advised on the importance of regular servicing of the heating and cooling unit as it ensured the system lasted longer and the unplanned repairs were reduced. In all my years working as a morgue attendant, I had never experienced a warm morgue even in the scorching summers. There was a first time for everything after all, right? I got to learn a lot about a system I knew existed but had not understood how it worked.



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