Making the effort to get healthy

Since turning 50, I have taken my health and wellness more seriously.

  • I led an unhealthy lifestyle for too long and I was worried there was no way to improve.

Due to some outside assistance, I feel the best I have in years. I started by quitting smoking and giving up alcohol. Then I started working out for the first time in years. I signed up with a personal training center in the local area who offers group physical training and semi-private fitness classes. I do a combination of both. I really like working with a group severely mornings a week. I then take a personal training session that is one on one. These sessions focus on cardio, stretching and some intensive weightlifting. The individualized sessions are great for those weak areas and help to target my personal goals. I have learned how to fall and safely catch my own body weight without getting hurt. I also have learned some methods to tone arms, abs and leg muscles. Another aspect of the fitness and wellness program is nutritional counseling. Since the gym is a core progression, the workout out classes and nutritional programs are offered in tandem. Once a week, I consult with the counselor about my diet and I get my BMI measured. I feel way more confident in my health now. I am grateful for the experts in these fields who are helping me have a better quality of life. The nutritional counselor has convinced me to cut out nearly all sugar, butter and a lot of carbs. I eat a ton of fruit, nuts and fresh vegetables now. I have lost a considerable amount of weight while increasing energy levels.



Switching from the gym to working out at home

For years I was the type of girl who would pay for a gym membership, pack a bag and head for a workout every day.

  • Going to the gym can be really beneficial because there is access to all different types of machines and equipment.

I was able to try out rowing machines, ellipticals, stationary bikes and various sized hand weights. Plus, there’s a yoga studio that offers classes. I didn’t need to own any of the equipment. The locker rooms were always clean with plenty of hot water and pressure in the shower. I appreciated the gym for a long time. I have since let my membership lapse due to time and convenience. I needed to factor in the drive time to and from the gym and showering after the workout. Because of this, an hour long workout turned into a big part of my day. I have now set aside a space in the house for a training center. I bought several fitness machines. I now have a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, weight bench and lots of weights. I also invested into a jump rope, folding mats and wobble board. I switch up what I do everyday. I have the convenience of working out right from the comfort of my own home. It is helpful that I can decide the exact moment I want to workout. I don’t need to change my clothes, pack everything or feel rushed. I can also workout in my underwear on hot days or in the middle of the night. I blast my music and don’t bother anyone. I miss having the ability to hire a personal trainer. I am pretty good at taking care of my own fitness.


Fitness coahing

Working out with guys means working mainly arms

My family is very physical.

We all workout and switch up the focus of our exercises weekly.

At least once per week, the group of us get together for a strenuous workout as a family. We set up stations for circuit style training and rotate through them. A main focus of the workout is always kickboxing related. A station typically involves hitting the heavy bag and another is often hitting the speed bag. Two of us will partner up and take turns holding pads for each other. I am the only girl in our group and also the youngest. In some ways that is helpful and in others it’s a drawback. The boys really like to focus on the upper body. Most of the workout tends to be punching, hooks, upper cuts and push ups. The stations are dedicated to 90% arms while the other ten percent is abs and legs. Women are more lower body oriented. So I work on all the things I am not so good at and that is helpful. The downside is that I am usually the worst one at the exercises. I can’t hit as hard as the boys or manage as many push ups. The little bit of time I shine is when I’m at the single leg station. I can squat so deeper, longer and for more reps than any of them. Their ideas of leg workouts are just pitiful. They all moan and groan about the leg drills. One of these days, we should try 90% leg work and just 10% on arms. I can’t regularly commit to a workout program that is not part of my fitness goals.


Cross fit gym

Challenging a fitness trainer to a push up contest is a mistake

Amy is a new neighbor of mine. She was recently introduced to our group of friends. Anytime we have dinner, hang out together or organize a game night, Amy is now there. I don’t really like the woman. I’ve discovered that she is a one-upper. Anything I can do, she claims she can do better. Her most recent claim was a bit embarrassing for her. My friends and I started chatting about fitness and how we are all attempting to get in better shape. The conversation then turned to how many pushups we could all do. Of course Amy claimed to be able to do the most push ups of anyone. There was a problem with that. I make my living as a certified fitness expert. I am employed at a core progression fitness center and I provide one on one personal training and group fitness classes six days a week. I also workout on our own every single day. I am doing something physical nearly all day long. I am not the right person to challenge to a push up contest. But that is exactly what Amy did. In front of everyone, she kept saying how she is so much more fit than I am. I finally couldn’t resist anymore and agreed to the competition. It was rather pathetic how out of shape this woman was. She cheated on the form of the pushups and still could not beat me. I perform traditional push ups, triangle push ups, wide grip or just hold a plank for long periods of time. During my workouts I stress a lot of upper body training and weight training. I could have done pushups until the end of time. Amy now knows better than to challenge me to anything related.



Certified Fitness Experts

Brother’s girlfriend is ruining our group fitness class

My older brother is getting married this upcoming summer and I have been trying to get closer with his fiancee. Lori and I just don’t have much in common. I think the two of us are very different types of women and we’re both trying to find something we can do and enjoy together. I had the idea to sign up for a group fitness class at the core progression nearby. I signed Lori and I up and the two of us have been going to class for several weeks now. We go several evenings per week and workout with a personal trainer. There is the main session of class that has everyone working together as a group. Then there is partner workout times as well as individualized workouts that are dedicated towards personal fitness goals. The personal trainer is just wonderful, and she is really enthusiastic, fun and effective at encouraging us to work harder. Every week I look forward to attending class. It is always the highlight of the day for me. I work on the stretches and exercises outside of class so I can improve. In class I give it 100% all the time. Lori hates the class with a passion. It is difficult just getting her to go with me. She doesn’t give much effort to the exercises and sometimes quits halfway into class. She cosiders the fitness expert frustrating and pushy. She complains enough that I don’t like to be near her during class anymore. She is a bad influence on the class and I want to tell her not to come. That is not going to help us bone. Maybe she should choose the next activity we try together.

Wellness and Recovery Programs

Thinking about getting a personal trainer

I have been considering getting a personal trainer to help me workout.

I work long hours at the office with lots of responsibilities. I am the team leader and am always the main person in charge. When I am done with work, I am tired of making decisions and having the solutions to every problem. I don’t enjoy cooking and determining when to eat. I don’t want to be in charge of my fitness plan either. Not only am I exhausted and lazy after work, but I don’t have any clue what to do fitness wise. I have been checking at the local wellness center in my local area and looking to hire a personal fitness expert. I would prefer to do a fitness class at least a couple evenings a week! The personal trainer would work with me one one one and develop a fitness strategy that works for my body and goals. I don’t have any big goals or anything I absolutely need to achieve. I simply would like to lose a few pounds, feel better about myself and get healthy. I want a program that is mostly cardio, but with a bit of weight lifting added in. The cost of personal training doesn’t add up to all that that much. The body wellness center is near my workplace. I can go there directly after work and take the class. I’ll then go home for the night. It would be so nice to have someone else take charge after a long day of being the boss. I’ve been going back and forth trying to make sure I find the right trainer that will work around my schedule and fit with my personality.

Body Wellness Center

HVAC worker was fired today

I just found out that Steve was fired today! Steve was a HVAC repairman, and I have had him over at my house for heating and cooling purposes, and both times he was a total jerk! Even at Steve’s old workplace, he was known as mean Steve.

I really like the HVAC company, but I really hated that HVAC technician, and I would always request a different HVAC specialist be sent out rather than Steve. The first time I had Steve come over he ignored me and poked and prodded at the air conditioning system. I’m no HVAC professional, but the way he was poking and prodding at the cooling machine made me think he had no idea what he was doing. When I questioned him, he blew a fuse and started yelling that he was the professional and that he knew what he was doing. The second time I had him over, I was interested in a new model of air conditioning, but he was completely dismissive and seemed annoyed by my presence. Needless to say, I didn’t buy the air conditioner. I just found out today he was fired due to so many complaints and charges of assault. I guess I wasn’t the only one who disliked it. Apparently now he is dealing with police because he slapped one of his HVAC customers. I’m honestly happy that he is gone, because I think my local HVAC corporation was so much better before him and without him, and it seems like the other HVAC techs think the same as they seemed happier without him around.

Commercial HVAC

Finding a good HVAC company online

Thankfully, they were still willing to come to my house.

I was very sad to find out that my favorite local HVAC company is going out of business. I was shocked to find out my local HVAC business was closing down because they seemed like they were busy enough, they always had other customers in the building, and all of the other HVAC techs were so nice! I still can’t believe that they are leaving, and I’m not sure how I am going to get any heating and cooling services since they are the only HVAC corporation close. I have a heater and cooling unit maintenance coming up, and I was expecting them to fix it. I guess I will have to look online for another HVAC provider to help me with my air conditioning unit and heating unit. So, when it was time for another HVAC appointment, I searched online for other HVAC suppliers. I found one that had good reviews, but they were slightly further away. Thankfully, they were still willing to come to my house. The HVAC serviceman came and he seemed nice enough, and he was in and out within 30 minutes. He did a good job looking at both my furnace and A/C device, but he wasn’t as friendly as the other HVAC place. Although I know I shouldn’t care so much, and that this new HVAC place was going to work out just fine, I am really going to miss my original HVAC business. I hope that the old HVAC specialists can join my new HVAC supplier, because I am going to miss them too if they don’t.


Finding a good HVAC company online

Taking HVAC business online

I have a very small HVAC business located in a very small town.

  • Because my HVAC company is located in such a small town, almost everyone knows each other, and I have many regulars.

The only problem is that my HVAC supplier is very little known, which makes getting more customers can be difficult. I really wanted to reach out to more customers, and it seems like advertisements haven’t been working, so my next best move is taking my HVAC corporation online. I contacted a website designer and she helped me build the best looking HVAC website I could ask for. I am hoping that my website will help make my company a little more well known, and I can start getting more business. It wasn’t until after a few months or so that I started seeing results, it started very slow with only getting a few extra people a month, but eventually I started more people coming in. To help spread the message about my website, I started offering discounts and that’s when I really started to get a lot of people. I offered discounts on most of my services, from heater and a/c repair, to air conditioning purchase and installation. Now every month I am getting more customers, and I have more customers than ever before! I am amazed at how fast the word spreads, as it seems like the customers that I served would tell their families and then I would have their relatives coming in as well. I am so glad that I made the heating and cooling website, because now my HVAC business is booming.


Air conditioning expert

Doodles on the HVAC system

I love my son very much, but the way he finds a way to entertain himself is very concerning.

I think he is picking his antics up on our cat, who also loves to get in trouble, and I think they are now teaming up.

The cat destroys the toilet paper and my son follows suit. Recently, drawing has become his new thing. He started drawing on paper which was very nice, but I guess he got bored with paper and then moved to start doodling on the walls. I scolded him and told him only to draw on the paper, and I even bought him his own drawing book. Unfortunately for me, he seemed less than interested in it. He tried for a little while drawing on the walls behind my back, but his drawings were very obvious. He eventually stopped, or so I thought. Eventually when taking out the trash, I happened to glance over and notice my heating and cooling system had bright colors scribbled all over it. My furnace and a/c were jammed in the corner of my garage and mostly out of sight, so it can be hard to spot, but upon closer inspection, it had marker scribbles all over it. I instantly brought my son out and scolded him again, I sent him to his room and took away all of his markers. I then took a wet cloth and thankfully the scribbles came out nicely, and the HVAC unit looked almost brand new. I kept my garage locked for a while in case my son tried to go back and do who knows what to the HVAC system, but thankfully he seems to have forgotten about it.