My Golden Retriever Loves my AC Guy

Since I moved into this new place, I have used the same heating, cooling, as well as air quality control dealership for whatever I need as fas as HVAC is concerned.

To be fair, I got a flyer in the mail from a nearby air quality control repair shop right when I moved into the residence.

I used them because of their up-to-date client heating, cooling, as well as air quality control repair service discount for new homeowners as well as was completely satisfied with the heating, cooling, as well as ventilation service that I have been getting through them. My a/c felt powerful as well as vital. My gas furnace felt sizzling as well as ready for Winter. Ever since I first moved in, I have always used the same Indoor air temperature control professional for all of my routine as well as emergency air quality needs. I trust him overwhelmingly, whether it’s a big repair service or a small routine repair or maintenance. I like to feel that I have a actually good relationship with my heating as well as cooling worker no matter who is dispatched. Every one of us have good conversations together. However, something tells myself and others that he enjoys my place also because of my golden retriever. Sure, he knows my heating as well as cooling program by heart at this point. But he also knows all about my adorable golden. Every time my heating, cooling, as well as ventilation professional arrives at my edifice, you should see how happy my golden becomes. They clearly have a unique bond. The entire time my Heating as well as A/C professional is there repairing my gas furnace as well as A/C unit, my golden is right by his side. To be fair, my professional takes quite a bit longer than necessary because my golden is always underfoot.

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A New Way to Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

I can admit that I don’t veer too far off course my routine as well as have a tough time imagining other ways of getting through life. I can actually actually fall into regimented routines as well as thoughts and opinions about the best ways to complete works, simply because I never confront my existing perceptions. The older I get, the more I am realizing that having an open mind as well as looking for new and ambitious solutions is a real benefit. For instance, for various years I have been squaring off with my heating, cooling, as well as air quality control program in my edifice. I have a official forced air gas furnace as well as big air conditioner program that are designed to manage my indoor air temperature as well as air quality throughout all four major seasons of the year. The pressing ventilation systems always gave temperature change in accordance with the temperature control. AS a result, I never really contemplated changes to my existing heating, cooling, as well as air quality control component or the availability of some other indoor air temperature control devices. It took several years before I was told to read up on mini-chop ductless heating as well as cooling systems as well as finally considered how these less complicated ductless indoor air temperature control units could fit well into my life, rather than operating a big centralized air quality control plan, however since I have been rather bamboozled by high energy costs, I decided that installing the heating as well as cooling systems might be a good idea, and what do you know, now I have advanced zone controlled temperature management throughout my entire edifice with less professional repair service appointments happening and also resulting in lower energy costs, then my edifice has never been so fresh-smelling and perfectly comfortable, as well as I wish I had discovered the mini split ductless Heating as well as A/C when ti first came on the market.



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Enjoying the Journey is Difficult with Broken AC

I am always thrilled to get out and see the landscape, and i am not the sort of person who wants to sit inside as well as stare at the same walls all afternoon, everyday; This is one of the main reasons why I am super fond of going on long road trips by myself or with other people.

I like to make my way through the entire country as often as possible with only my vehicle, a blanket and snacks, as well as some driving entertainment, but of course, traveling such long distances comes with some challenges… Namely, the outdoor temperature will change quickly as you are transitioning from arena to arena; Hot to cold, humid to dry, and generally, you will assume that the automobile can handle the uncomfortable outdoor air temperatures by having modern heating, cooling, as well as air quality control program installed in the car… Unfortunately, it turns out that this heating, cooling, as well as ventilation assumption is not always the best it can be.

In fact, the last time I went on a road trip I was miserable to find that there was really no now working heat or A/C in the automobile I was driving. The difficulties all started when I attempted to modify the indoor air temperature by switching on the air conditioner program in the car. Right away, sizzling air started blasting through the vents and began to make me feel sick. I pulled over as well as tried to mess with the on-board temperature control unit, however the temperature control did nothing, really. I was completely drenched in perspiration no matter how tough I tried to adjust to the central heating, cooling, as well as ventilation program for the remainder of the trip; For once, I was dreaming of where I would end up – or, the Heating as well as A/C in the destination – rather than enjoying the journey.


Cons of a forced air HVAC unit

I have been waiting for my HVAC unit to die on me.

I have a forced air system and I just hate it.

Forced air is the worst. First, you have to have the entire house be the same temperature. Every room is getting the same amount of heating and cooling. Does anyone ever want that? The kitchen is always too hot because of cooking and requires cooling. I like having a warmer temperature at night but a cooler temperature in my home gym. The office could even be a different temperature. Why am I bothering heating and cooling the bathrooms? Having zone control would be amazing, but I can’t have it with a forced air system. Second, forced air systems are really dirty. Dust gets in the ductwork and the actual system and then blows all over the house. Those with asthma or allergies should never have a forced air HVAC unit. Third, the ductwork is a big problem with this system. The ductwork is not only dirty, but can easily get a tear along the seams or a tiny hole inside. A microscopic hole can cause a huge increase in the daily energy bills. The only way to fix this tiny hole is to get ductwork sealing. Did you know that most HVAC companies further wreck the ductwork trying to repair it? They aren’t careful and more holes come as a result. Having a boiler, ductless heat pump or mini split would eliminate all these issues. I need my forced air heating and cooling to die before I buy brand new though.


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The thermostat upgrade is good and bad

My boyfriend and I decided to upgrade to a smart thermostat.

We can each run the thermostat from our phones.

On one hand it is really nice having the convenience. I can be outside and decide to shut the thermostat off to save some money. I can be on my way home from work, on vacation or even at an appointment and adjust the heating and cooling. Another perk is the thermostat lets me know if there are air filter changes or if I have it set at an energy efficient setting. The only con is that it is easy to change the heating and ac now. When my boyfriend and I owned a dial thermostat, it all depended on who wanted it more. My boyfriend and I don’t agree on what is a comfortable temperature. He wants to have cooling and I want heating. Before it was whoever would get up and make the HVAC do it got to control the thermostat. Usually I won since I hated being cold. Now that my boyfriend can easily adjust it from his phone, I am cold all the time. I frequently wake up in the middle of the night, adjust the thermostat and go back to bed. I then wake up early in the morning freezing. The two of us change the thermostat so much I am worried about our weekly program. The thermostat learns what your HVAC needs are for the week by your adjustments. I can’t even imagine how weird ours is going to be.

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AC drowns out the cat

My cat really likes to be outside when it is late at night.

Since I am worried about him running off, tangling with a big animal or just getting scared, I keep him in the house.

I have an outdoor cat enclosure that is fenced in that he can enjoy. It isn’t very big and not the same as being an outdoor cat. He mainly sits out there late at night. When it gets to be around 6 am, my cat has had enough. He loves to come in from his cat enclosure, walk up to my door and start meowing. His meows sound like he is dying. Sometimes he just wants me to feed him, other times it is just for attention. Occasionally he has woken me up because he wants to play. I can’t seem to set his internal clock any later. I can’t ignore the meowing either, it just keeps going. The only saving grace is if my air conditioner is going. The sound of my AC is quite loud. My bedroom is right next to the indoor air handler. So I can hear it click on and the air blow right out of it. At first I wasn’t happy with how loud the cooling system is. Now I wish it was louder and ran all the time. It is like having a natural sound machine. When the HVAC powers down I then hear the cat and need to get up. Everyone wants me to buy a fan, wear ear plugs or listen to music. I need something that I can use all the time though. None of those are long term solutions.

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Overworking my air conditioner caused the fan motor to fry

I’m not as careful as I should be with my appliances and electronics in my house.

I keep leaving my smart TV on with the static home screen, and I’ve already noticed some burn-in with the image on the screen.

Anyone with older LCD televisions can attest to the effects of burn-in after owning their TVs for a few years or more. I knew this when I bought it but wasn’t smart enough to address my subconscious concerns. Although my tablet isn’t experiencing burn-in on it’s screen, it’s becoming another fatality of my foolishness. I throw it around, whether I’m tossing it into my back seat when I climb into the car or onto the living room floor when I get home from work. There are cracks forming on the screen, making portions of the screen completely unusable. If I had been more gentle with the tablet, it wouldn’t have so many cracks in its screen. Even using a shock resistant case would have helped as well. I wish I could stop here, but I have done the same thing to my central air conditioner. I’ve been overworking it and trying to keep the temperature too low in my house. If it’s 95 degrees outside, it’s unreasonable to expect my air indoors to be as cold as 68 degrees. After abusing my air conditioner for five years, the fan motor finally fried yesterday. I was working in my home office when the a/c suddenly shut down. I called my heating and cooling supplier and they sent someone out in a matter of hours. It didn’t take long for him to diagnose the problem. I’m lucky that the air conditioner is still under warranty or I would have been paying hundreds of dollars in an avoidable repair.

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I had to get a new air conditioner because the old one couldn’t control humidity

There are a lot of reasons to love living in the south.

Our climate from October until March every year is absolutely amazing. It’s hard to beat temperatures in the 60s and 70s and outdoor moisture levels below 50%. I can’t imagine finding a more comfortable region in this country to spend my winter seasons, and I’m not alone in thinking this. Our tourism industry is driven by snow birds, or people who live up north most of the year but spend the entire winter season in a second home down south. They either come in November, December, or January, but often many leave by Easter towards the middle of the spring season. As much as I love the winter here, once we get into May the weather becomes miserable. It’s common to deal with temperatures in the 90s and outdoor moisture levels close to 100% on certain days. It’s absolutely miserable from any perspective, regardless of how nice our winters are by comparison. It’s no wonder why I’m running my air conditioner every single day as often as I can get it to cycle. I recently had to buy a new central air conditioner because the last one wouldn’t remove enough humidity from the house. I was measuring the indoor moisture level at 73% even when the air conditioner had been running for an hour straight. It was clear to me that I needed a new HVAC system that was more efficient and powerful at the same time. Thankfully my new air conditioner has a higher SEER rating and is a powerhouse when it comes to dehumidifying my indoor air.

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I adore working as a real estate agent

I positively care about our work working as a real estate agent. I’ve only been working in the corporation for a couple of years, but I get happy when I sell the house. Last weekend, I was on fire. I sold 3 houses in 2 days! One of the houses was an old Victorian type location about 50 years old. I found the perfect leaseholder for that home and they practically begged me to let them buy it for the full asking price. The owner of the home was truly thrilled that he decided to use me as a real estate agent. The hour home was a bit more of a challenge. My home has been on the market for almost a year, but I guess it has a lot of charm. It backs up to the woods, so you don’t have any neighbors behind your fence line. I guess that makes the home look more secluded and private. Unblessedly, the owner of the condo has that home price at the top of the market. I have shown the condo to several interested parties, but the owner of the home doesn’t want to come down at all. I finally found the perfect customer for that location. The owner was in a good mood that day the offer was made and agreed to reduce the price by $15,000. I got lucky on that deal for sure. All of the elements came together to get that deal closed. The fourth home is a small cottage by the beach. I’ve been working with the owner of the home for several months and I met another real estate agent that had a couple interested in a nice location by the water. We worked out that deal in less than 6 minutes.



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We rely on a property management group to handle our 3 homes

I grew up working with our hands.

  • I helped our dad in a sawmill and I l earned how to build things.

When the sawmill closed for good, I started working as a company. I met our fiance and we bought our first home. A few years later, the 2 of us decided to buy another home on the same street. The property was in foreclosure status and we picked up the 3 acre parcel for next to nothing. My fiance and I worked together to repair up the property. It took several months to repair up the location. When we finished with the repairs, our fiance and I decided to keep the property as a rental. A few months after we rented the property, our fiance and I found another interesting option to purchase another home. We never thought we would go into the property and real estate business, but it fell into our lap. My fiance and I purchased the property for pennies on the dollar and we fixed up that location the following year. We were going to sell the property, but the leaseholder of our first condo knew someone looking for a rental and the leaseholder had good credit and first, last, and security deposit. My fiance and I no longer live in the area, so now we rely on a property management group to handle the 3 homes. They collect the rent and handle any repairs. My fiance and I still have to spend money for the bills, but the property management group handles all of the details.

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