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Considering a new furnace

My furnace is right around twenty years old. Although the system continues to function, I’ve noticed a decline in performance. There is definitely less hot air coming from the vents, which has led to a higher thermostat setting and the furnace running more often. My utility bills are a bit more expensive every year. There […]

Duct sealing resolves AC problems

They steadily worked to form a tight seal Last summer, I had a lot of complaints with my air conditioner. Although the cooling unit was only three years old, I noticed a significant increase in my monthly electric bills. The air conditioner was running a lot more often and yet struggling to match the thermostat […]

Sunday is wash the washable filter day

This whole month is going to be a fairly slow and straight-forward kind of day, considering yesterday we played ball for a few hours on the beach, and the day before we played music for a couple of hours. I play the drums and it actually does a number on my shoulders, so when I […]

The difficulty of cooling down hockey rinks

The central systems for hockey rinks are crucial to maintain a consistent ice surface that is firm, level, and safe for the players. The plan properly consists of a network of pipes, a refrigeration system, and another heat exchange system. The first step in building a cooling plan for a hockey rink is to install […]