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Lots of new gym members show up in January

They aren’t sweaty or breathless at the end of a workout I’ve had a membership at the same gym for the past six years. I’ve seen that every winter there is a steady influx of new people. The gym offers a New Year’s special that entices people to make resolutions to slim down and get […]

I like working out on my back deck

Unfortunately, all of the rooms are currently being used I am lucky to have a large wooden deck constructed at the back of the house. It’s lifted about 12 feet off the ground and provides a great view of the flower gardens, trees surrounding the property and a small pond where I see geese and […]

Enjoying my jump rope app

There are programs focused on endurance and others built around HIIT Jumping rope is a big part of my exercise program. For a long while, I stuck with a leather rope with weighted wooden handles. The rope often tangled or knotted. I wore the leather ropes out frequently. A few years ago, my husband gave […]

Home gym is convenient

About four years ago, my family decided to move out of the city. My husband and I had been planning to buy a house in a more rural location for a long time. We were looking to get away from the traffic, noise and crowds of people. We hoped to give our children a safer […]

Stationary bike is an enjoyable workout

For my birthday a few years ago, our husband gave me a stationary bike. I was really happy with the gift. I am dedicated to my physical fitness. I take time out for an hour of exercise at least six days per week. The bike provides a different method of workout and offers unique benefits. […]

Running app is motivational

I workout every day. Most of the time, I head out for a run. I feel good about running because it provides a huge calorie burn, gets my heart pumping and my lungs working. Plus, running includes a wide range of muscles. It’s an ideal opportunity for me to clear my head and eliminate stress. […]

Recovering from injury and missing workouts

I recently got hurt quite severely during a home renovation project. I made the mistake of attempting to hang drywall on the ceiling by myself. I realized that it was stressful on my shoulders and back but was determined to complete the task. I wound up badly straining my trapezius muscle. This injury incapacitated m […]

Creating a more visible online presence

For many years, my company was successful, especially considering the extreme level of competition. Just recently I noticed a drop in sales. The reports from the SEO department of the company are not positive. As an entrepreneur that has worked in the Heating plus Air Conditioning field for more than twenty-five years, this is stressful. […]

Looking for online success

I am looking forward to the results and impact SEO optimization I am one of the senior employees at my company. The ideas I propose often sound outdated to my coworkers, but they prove effective. Recently, however, I was struggling to come up with innovative ways to attract current customers. While we’ve kept a loyal […]

Needed commercial cleaning

When I applied for the job, I wasn’t certain I would get it. I saw a post on a Facebook group and thought there was no way this was a good position. Second, I guessed if it was, so many people would apply before me. I didn’t have anything to lose after searching for work […]