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Air filters are getting fancier

Did you guess that you can go out and buy air filters that are made with special scents? I did not guess that until I made a recent trip to the hardware store. I usually buy our air filters online, but recently I’ve been swapping the air filters more frequently since the beginning of the […]

Covid can survive the winter.

Most of the people I know think that this pandemic is going to end when the weather gets colder.. From everything I’m reading the pandemic is going to survive the winter and most of the following year. I am doing everything I can to prevent the virus from affecting my family and I. I make […]

My stocks are only going to go up.

My dad was forever looking toward the future. He made sure I went to college so I could get a good job. When I graduated college, dad gave me some stocks and bonds. It wasn’t anything expensive, but he said it would get me started for the rest of my life. I had a couple […]

I wanted those coupons and discounts.

I was totally stunned when we had our annual inspection done on the heating and air conditioning system. We found out that we had to have the entire system replaced. The HVAC system was in the house when we bought it, nearly ten years earlier. In all this time, we never had any problems with […]

Our escape was not what we had planned.

If you make it to twenty-five years of marriage, you’ll know what I’m talking about. My husband and I have been married for 25 years and we have five kids. The youngest is only fourteen. We haven’t had a private get away since our honeymoon, which is when we got pregnant. That was the last […]