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Peers have let themselves get out of shape

I am always very careful about what I eat On social media, the people I graduated high school with love to post photos of themselves. One thing seems to be consistent. Nearly everyone has put on a significant amount of weight. Most of the kids I knew have turned into an older, fatter version of […]

Boiler is the best for our winter

For the winter weather in my local area, a boiler heating device is certainly the right choice. The only negative side of a boiler is that it does not provide any capacity for cooling. With our brief, often chilly and rainy Summer seasons, forced air conditioning isn’t necessary. Every one of us managed just due […]

Changing from oil to gas

After I first moved into my house, it was outfitted with an older oil furnace. I wasn’t happy with this style of gas furnace. Oil heating systems are dirty, create fumes and are excruciating for the environment. They aren’t overly energy smart and are seriously inconvenient. I needed to be conscientious about making fuel delivery. […]

Using a generator as a back up heater

Living in the northern section of the country, the winter weather is a big challenge every single month. We expect at least several weeks of below freezing temperatures and aren’t surprised by negative digits. Our annual snow accumulation is approximately twelve feet and the wind chill is often dangerous. Every one of us relies heavily […]

His thermostat was confusing

My son asked me if I would stay at her house for the long weekend while he and his partner left for a vacation. Also, they needed someone to babysit their dog… I was more than happy to go into his attractive house for several mornings. My son and his partner have a large inground […]

Overnight stay needs dependable HVAC

My wife and I just love everything about traveling. Well, that would be just about everything. The two of us have always been about getting out of the HVAC comfort of our home and out into the world. This is something that is a big focus of our lives. There was a period of time […]