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My Golden Retriever Loves my AC Guy

Since I moved into this new place, I have used the same heating, cooling, as well as air quality control dealership for whatever I need as fas as HVAC is concerned. To be fair, I got a flyer in the mail from a nearby air quality control repair shop right when I moved into the […]

A New Way to Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

I can admit that I don’t veer too far off course my routine as well as have a tough time imagining other ways of getting through life. I can actually actually fall into regimented routines as well as thoughts and opinions about the best ways to complete works, simply because I never confront my existing […]

Cons of a forced air HVAC unit

I have been waiting for my HVAC unit to die on me. I have a forced air system and I just hate it. Forced air is the worst. First, you have to have the entire house be the same temperature. Every room is getting the same amount of heating and cooling. Does anyone ever want […]

The thermostat upgrade is good and bad

My boyfriend and I decided to upgrade to a smart thermostat. We can each run the thermostat from our phones. On one hand it is really nice having the convenience. I can be outside and decide to shut the thermostat off to save some money. I can be on my way home from work, on […]

AC drowns out the cat

My cat really likes to be outside when it is late at night. Since I am worried about him running off, tangling with a big animal or just getting scared, I keep him in the house. I have an outdoor cat enclosure that is fenced in that he can enjoy. It isn’t very big and […]

I adore working as a real estate agent

I positively care about our work working as a real estate agent. I’ve only been working in the corporation for a couple of years, but I get happy when I sell the house. Last weekend, I was on fire. I sold 3 houses in 2 days! One of the houses was an old Victorian type […]