Plumber recommends HVAC repair; is HVAC tech, too

Sometimes you have to be careful about whose opinion you ask for. Recently, I unknowingly invested in some home repairs that probably put someone else’s kids through college, if not paying for their books. I made these decisions based entirely off of supposed professional opinion… Although it turned out to be unfortunately incestuous. You see, since I moved into this house I had been having issues with one of the toilets. The toilet never wanted to make a complete flush, and I was tired of cleaning it every two days due to the filth. I finally gave in and called out a professional plumbing service, and I was hoping that they could help with a quick repair. When the plumber was working on my toilet, he happened to mention that my indoor air temperature seems a little bit warm in the bathroom. I confirmed that, indeed, there wasn’t very good ventilation or circulation in that bathroom. There was an overhead ventilation fan installed, but I didn’t think that it provided much relief. Beyond that, it seemed like the central heating and cooling system could barely reach this particular air vent. The room was consistently a bit warm and humid, so I was fighting mildew all the time. After I spewed all of this out to my plumber, without thinking anything of it, he handed me the business card for a highly reputable HVAC company in town. A few days later I called the HVAC dealership and made a professional service appointment, letting them know that I probably needed to fully replace my cooling system. I was beyond surprised on the day of my HVAC appointment, when I answered the door and my plumber was standing there. His second job is working as a certified HVAC technician.


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I felt really stupid when my window A/C unit was stolen with my savings inside of it

I never really thought that somebody would actually break into my household, but I still hid my backup supply of cash in a rather foolish place.

I put my money in a plastic bag and hid it inside of the window A/C unit.

Then when I came home one day and went to turn on my cooling machine, I freaked out when the window A/C unit was missing! I called the police of course and they were wondering why I was making a big deal about this window A/C unit that was stolen from my home. They said I could easily just get another window A/C unit, and they weren’t sure if I would ever find it because window A/C units are stolen all of the time. I told them they didn’t understand, and then I told them that I stowed away all of my savings in that window A/C unit. The cops looked at me and one of them tried to hold back his laughter. Both the cops ended up laughing at me because they said that was the dumbest place to ever hide your savings. They said I could have kept my savings in a bank like normal people, or I could have purchased a safe that actually was difficult to steal from. When they asked me how much money I had in there, I felt even more foolish when I told them it was $5,000. They promised me they would try to figure out where my window A/C unit went to, but they admitted that the window A/C unit was probably long gone by now. I guess I’ll never try to hide anything in my window A/C unit ever again after this horrible experience.

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I can’t believe the main character in this great show hides his trophies in an A/C unit

There are many good TV shows out there, but there is this one TV show in particular that I really like.

It is quite messed up because it’s about a serial killer, but the show is made so well and you actually come to respect the serial killer in a certain way.

The show is called ‘Dexter’ and it’s about this guy who witnessed the murder of his mother when he was a child and he was saved by a police officer who took him in. The police officer knew he had a problem and taught him that it was best to take out the bad guys in the world if he was going to kill people. The thing that was crazy about the show is that Dexter always took a sample of blood from his victims and he put his slides of blood in the A/C unit! Now I don’t know why anybody would think to hide something so incriminating in the A/C unit, but of course Dexter thought that was the ideal hiding spot. I actually kind of wonder if anybody in the real world would be foolish enough to hide something like that in a cooling machine. I could maybe see hiding something inside the system of ductwork because people usually don’t want to go digging around in there, but this was just a regular cooling unit that was mounted to the wall. I don’t want to spoil this show for anybody out there who has not yet watched the series, but let me just say that other than the foolish hiding spot for the ‘trophies’, it’s a really great show. It has plenty of funny moments, tragedy, and romance.



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We decided to get away from the city life

My wife and I just wanted to move to a new area to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We finally found a really nice home in a small town.

Everything was great, except the HVAC system admittedly needed some work. So I figured we could easily just call the HVAC company and have everything taken care of. When we moved in, I looked for the listings for HVAC companies in the area. I was shocked when there was only one HVAC business in the whole community. The people I spoke to on the phone at the HVAC company were nice, but I couldn’t get an HVAC technician to my house for a few days. When the HVAC technician arrived, he was this very old guy who worked incredibly slow. I was wondering if he actually knew what he was doing, and he assured me that he had plenty of experience. Evidently, he and a few others were the only HVAC technicians in the town. He managed to get the HVAC system working good again, but a month later, we had more problems. I eventually decided that we needed to just upgrade the HVAC unit to something better. They didn’t have many options though at the HVAC company, so we just went for a basic HVAC unit. The installation seemed to take forever, but when it was done, we were actually comfortable in our home for a change. I guess if you choose to live in a rural area, you have to get used to the fact that good help can be difficult to find.


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Glad I made the decision to move on to a better job

I never had such a huge problem with my job until there was an issue with the climate control system.

When people started complaining to the boss about the temperature control settings, he said that he would handle the problem.

The thing is, he never did anything and the climate control system was becoming worse. We got to the point where we were actually sweating in the office from a complete lack of air conditioning. Of course, this didn’t affect the boss too much because he had a seperate A/C system working in his office. It was actually nice and comfy in his office and he was spending way more time there seperate from everybody else. I made my final complaint about the climate control system and said he promised everybody for over a month that he would do something, and that’s when I gave him my 2 weeks notice to leave the job. I ended up going to a bunch of interviews. I was disappointed with a few places because the temperature control settings weren’t so great at some of these other places either. I ended up just leaving those places because I wasn’t going to leave one awful place for another awful place. Eventually, I found this office building that was perfect and the A/C was cranked up. These were my kind of people! The interview was great, and before I knew it, I was working in an office doing similar work to what I was doing before. I’m glad I made the decision to move on.


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Last time we were on vacation, the A/C in our hotel wasn’t working

The last time my family and I went on vacation, we ended up staying in a hotel that we had never been to before.

We usually stay at a really great place at the same beach that we always go to.

However, the hotel that we usually stay at was closed down for fumigation or something. It was something that we had never seen before, but they had the whole place underneath a tent. Anyway, we had to book a different hotel. When we got there, the very first thing that we noticed was the fact that there was an HVAC service truck parked in front of the main doors. We saw some HVAC technicians hurrying in and out of the lobby carrying all kinds of tools and equipment. That should have been a major sign for us that there was going to be trouble. However, it was really late at night and we didn’t want to have to hunt around for another hotel. We made our way inside and even though the lobby was nice and cool, by the time we made it to our suite we realized that the temperature was really heating up. Something was definitely wrong with the air conditioning unit in our suite. We messed around with the thermostat on the A/C unit for a few minutes, but we couldn’t get it to come on. When we called the front desk, they informed us that the HVAC team that we had seen was working hard to fix all of the air conditioning units on our entire floor.

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I need to get the A/C serviced before summer starts

I ended up with air conditioning bills that nearly broke the bank.

I know that I’m going to need to get the central air conditioning in my house fixed sometime before the summer starts. Last year I made the terrible mistake of not having the air conditioning maintenance done before the summer started and then I ended up paying for it all summer, literally. I actually just forgot to have the A/C maintenance done because I didn’t write it down on my calendar. I should have just had it done later on in the season, but by that point, the temperature outside was already really heating up. I guess having your A/C unit repaired and maintained is really something that you should have done before it gets hot outside. Of course, I learned that the hard way. I ended up with an A/C that was barely working two weeks into the summer. That’s the reason that I ended up paying for my mistake all summer. The A/C didn’t work right, and so of course it just ran and ran but it didn’t really cool off the house. I ended up with air conditioning bills that nearly broke the bank. That’s why I made sure to put it on my calendar this year and I also set two reminders in my phone. I’m definitely going to get the HVAC company to come to the house and do all of the necessary A/C maintenance before the weather even starts warming up this year. I’m hoping that if they get all of the repairs done before summer, we won’t have any issues this year.
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HVAC repair to help office morale

Hoping a problem goes away or isn’t as big a deal as it appears is not the same as solving that problem.

That method never works when it comes to acknowledging a situation exists and then resolving it.

That’s why I am sort of kicking myself right now that I didn’t initiate the HVAC repair long ago. There has been a problem with the HVAC for a long time now and I just thought it really wasn’t that big a deal. The office that I manage has about 25 people working in it. Unfortunately, there is only one thermostat that controls the temps for the entire office. This has left some people on the outs when it comes to personal comfort. Additionally, the HVAC thermostat setting has created factions within the group who battle for control of the temperature. Initially, it seemed like there was collegial give and take about the temperature setting. However, that changed a while ago and the HVAC situation has become a really divisive subject. Things are even getting personal. It should never have come to this. I stepped in a few weeks ago when I called the HVAC people to come out and repair the situation with an HVAC repair. They told me they could actually change how our existing HVAC works by turning it into a zone controlled system. Through some slight HVAC repair work they could make it where there would be 4 independent temperature zones within our office. You would not believe how a simple solution like that make all the difference in the overall morale of the office. That HVAC repair was a huge step toward a unified office.

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New home gym gets its own HVAC

Yet, I still ran into the problem of it not being cool enough for me as I exercised.

There isn’t a time that I can recall that I wasn’t interested in some sort of athletic pursuit. This is largely due to my parents signing me up for every sport under the sun to get me out from underfoot. It ended up being a really great move by my folks. This is because athletics has been a part of my life for the duration. I have always preferred to get my exercise through playing a sport instead of going to a HVAC deficient gym for workouts. Well, that all changed not too long ago. I am getting a bit long in the tooth so, those sports I play are causing a bit too much wear and tear on my body. I don’t like giving up some of the stuff that I have always done but, that is just part of it as you age. So now, I have been challenged with keeping fit through working out. There is just no way that I am going to subject myself to the HVAC conditions in our nearby gym. The heating and cooling in that place is just the worst. The only alternative was to put a gym in my house. Yet, I still ran into the problem of it not being cool enough for me as I exercised. That situation was cured by the local HVAC people with ease. The former guest room that is now the home gym just got its own HVAC. The HVAC people installed a ductless HVAC system that can drop the temperature in the home gym with ease.

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HVAC maintenance is important

I don’t ko wif you realize how important HVAC maintenance is.

  • I know that there are a lot of people that complain about how expensive their HVAC equipment is.

Sure, if you are having a ton of problems with your HVAC units, then there is no doubt that you are probably paying a fortune for your HVAC units. If your HVAC units are in terrible shape, you may even have to pay for the replacement of your HVAC units, and that will also cost you a lot of money. However, if I told you that you could prevent your HVAC units from costing you a lot of money, would you try it? If I told you that you could make your HVAC units last longer with fewer problems, would you be willing to do anything to make sure that you took care of your HVAC units? There is one definite way that could make your HVAC frustrations disappear. Obviously, I am talking about HVAC maintenance. I pay HVAC technicians to come to my house twice a year to inspect my HVAC units. They replace all of the parts that need to be replaced before I even use my HVAC units, and it saves me a ton of money. First of all, they don’t charge you the expensive service fees, and by replacing parts before they cause your HVAC unit to malfunction, you can actually prevent major HVAC disasters. I have been paying for my HVAC maintenance for years, and I have never had trouble paying for my HVAC units. I have also never had my HVAC units break down while I was using them. Trust me! You need to begin investing in HVAC maintenance if you want a properly functioning HVAC system.

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