It’s so nice to be able to trust someone like an HVAC professional

To say everything has changed is always sort of a stupid way to get the point across that things aren’t the way they once were.

Lots changes all the time.

The more capable we are to evolve along with the changes, the better off we are in life. It never fails that those who are so miserable are the same people who spend all day inside the air conditioning watching TV. It’s sort of a self perpetuating problem. If all you hear from the TV is that you’re a victim of a world gone crazy, that’s exactly how you’ll see yourself. But I do empathize with folks who feel like they don’t even recognize our society. I have to admit that I often feel much the same. And it’s disappointing for sure. However, I also do my best to give thanks for the good stuff. The fact that I know I can walk away and leave my house with the HVAC technician inside it real trust. And that just doesn’t happen the way it once did. In fact, I have a tough time trusting most people and situations. But instead of making this the focus of my life, I would rather be grateful that there are still people like HVAC professionals that I can trust. I’ve been doing business with the same HVAC company for more than 30 years. And in all that time, the HVAC professionals have always been looking out for me. I’m sad that this is a rarity in many of our encounters with people, but I’m thankful for the trust where I can find it.


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