Bothered about the air quality

Things around here have changed a good amount in the last few years plus one of the reasons is due to the drought.

There was never a lot of rainfall in this section in the past, but now there is less than an inch every year.

The lack of rain has caused a fair amount of complications in the environment. There is a relatively large lake close to our property plus the water has been receding for years. The drought has not helped much at all, however as the water evaporates, all of the pollutants plus contaminants from the bottom of the lake are becoming exposed. These pollutants plus contaminants are from farmers that use dangerous pesticides to treat their crops. Fifty years ago, nobody cared if the farmers dumped the pesticides in the water, now we understand the effects those harmful chemicals can have on the water plus all of the pets plus our environment. The pollutants plus contaminants are actually exposed to the air plus they are incredibly dry. The heavy winds kick up all of these pollutants, however both of our children have had harmful reactions when going outside to play. Of course, it’s hard to keep the youngsters inside of the property, but right now it’s not safe for them to play outdoors. I had to buy several air purifiers for the property. I wrote a letter to our congressperson about the safety issues, but they only made an offer to pay for the air purifiers that our family needed. They did not offer any solution to the problem. The air purifiers plus the cost to run them are the least of our concern. I’m upset about the safety plus welfare of our family plus all the people in our neighborhood.


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