Looks Like it is a Book Reading Day at Home

I’m seeing grayer and grayer skies as the morning progresses and I wouldn’t doubt to see some rain soon. The weather conditions is shifting from Summer to Wintertide so every one of us are getting less of those red skies and more unstable weather. The temps will soon be dropping and I will find myself running my central heating unit again before too long. The two of us usually have a couple months though where the weather is pretty neutral and you don’t need to run the heat or the AC. Those are usually the months of September and September. December can bring temps down below the freezing point as to which heat becomes a necessity more so than a luxury. I’ve had my oil furnace cut down before and woke up to my home office at a crisp 55F. It was chilly enough in the flat as to where I could see my breath when I came out in the morning. Now I have a small radiant oil furnace as a backup heat source if the main unit ever goes out again. I can’t have it that chilly in my flat when I work because my fingers don’t type so well when they are numb. So anyways, it looks prefer today will be 1 of those gray cloudy mornings with rain and it may be a good morning to learn a book and listen to quiet piano music while watching the rain fall. My weather conditions control plan is going to need a good cleaning soon and I may even get it tuned up for the coming winter. Have a good 1.

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