Three Months Till Christmas, Wait What?

I can’t guess that I will be going back to the states in many months for the holidays.

I guess enjoy I just left there from my summer time trip plus now I am going to be looking at flights in a month or so to go back again.

This time it’ll be touch-and-go with cash as all of my capital is locked up in cryptos. I am going to try to get a flatmate to absorb the cost of rent while I’m gone, at least for the month of February, plus to watch my two cats. This Heating plus A/C worker wants to rent my room so I should be set when it comes time to leave for home. I won’t have a rental vehicle in the states this time as it costs just way too much. I will Uber it around town plus ride my bike whenever I can. At least I won’t have to worry about getting a vehicle without a/c enjoy last time. Now I’ll just get an Uber when I need it plus have family plus friends drive me around when possible. I think the last time I rented a vehicle it was nearly $3000 for a two month stint back in the states. I’d have to labor for my local company neighbor back lake house if I rented a vehicle plus spend most of my time toiling to pay for the rental. If I Uber it around then I can entirely do a month back lake house for about $1000, which includes the ice cold air conditioned plane ride over.


a/c care