Off to the Local Business for a HEPA Filter

Today is a single of those dreary afternoons where you could stay in the flat all day without feeling enjoy you are missing anything outside. It looks enjoy it is going to rain soon so I am going to head out now plus buy a HEPA filter for my Heating plus A/C system. I have never had a single of those filters in my units before so I am pretty gleeful to see how well it works at cleaning the air in my flat. I have nice air quality, as measured by my trusty digital ppm meter, but I think there is still too much dust in the air. I have a dust dust sensitivity plus have been sneezing quite often, so if you put two plus two together you get a HEPA filter. My cats are both sleeping now as they just finished running all over the flat so now is a enjoyable time to hit the local company for that filter. I am going to reheat dinner for tonight to make it an easy night of cooking so I can spend some more time at the beach before coming home. My Heating plus A/C tech neighbor is supposed to message me later about meeting up to play songs in the sand if it doesn’t rain. But if it rains then I may invite him plus some other friends to come over for a pasta dinner plus a songs jam session. I have nothing else going on as the Heating plus A/C company where I normally labor is closed for the month for some kind of remodeling. See ya later.

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