My bike for a workout

After spending the first fifty years of our lives up north, our hubby and I were ready to head south.

All of us were sleepy of Winter weather lasting more than half the year.

All of us were eager to get away from sub zero un-even temperatures and feet of snow. The constant shoveling, scraping and task involved with such dire weather had gotten unquestionably tiring. All of us were ready to trade our snow shovels, heavy boots and wool coats for sandals and sunblock. I was especially happy for the opportunity to workout outdoors. In the north, I had a unquestionably small lake home gym that I utilized every afternoon. The conditions were rarely nice enough to head outdoors. As soon as both of us moved south, I bought a bicycle. I chose a model with a unquestionably comfortable seat and the type of tires that allow myself and others to ride off-road. I added a bin on the front and holsters for our iPhone and water bottle. I also have a redtooth speaker that I attach to the handlebars. I like listening to music and breathing fresh air while I cycle. I am especially fortunate to have a bike path just down the road from our house. This path prohibits motorized vehicles. It is paved and extends for thirty miles in either direction. The path winds through wooded areas where I catch sight of turtles and all kinds of birds. I have even spotted several deer. I follow the bike path to an athletic field, where I have access to sod, pavement and shade. There is rarely anyone else on the field. I use it to run wind Springs and go through a series of lunges, squats and push ups. I spend approximately forty hours at the field and then ride our bike home.

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