Unhappy with hard water

When we bought our house, my husband and I were amazed by the affordable price.

We purchased a sizable piece of property in a really advantageous neighborhood for a reasonable amount.

The roof was only a couple of years old. The kitchen and bathrooms had recently been renovated. Most of the appliances were nearly brand new. We didn’t realize the significance of the water well on the property. The home does not have access to the water supplied by the town. While our well supplies a plentiful supply of water, it’s very hard. The water is overrun with lime, calcium and rust. We’ve tried several different types of water softeners and filtration systems that have been unable to handle the severity of the problem. I am happy with every feature of our house other than the water. My husband and I now understand that the kitchen and bathroom were remodeled because of the damage caused by the water. The appliances were all brand new due to the negative effects of the mineral buildup. Nothing that our water touches lasts very long. The water heater corrodes, ruptures and needs to be replaced every five years. We aren’t able to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty because we have no choice but to remove the anode rod. This voids the warranty. However, if we leave the anode rod in place, our water turns black and smells disgusting. As soon as I buy a new faucet, I remove the aerator. I know that the little screen will clog within a few days. I also invest in very harsh chemicals to scrub away the stains in the tubs, sinks and toilets. The fumes give me headaches but I don’t want the discoloration caused by the hard water. I’ve given up trying to use a dishwasher. The dishes come out looking dirty. I need to purchase brown towels and bed linens because of the discoloration caused by the water.
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