She wanted a heat and a/c system

My sister has been working on having an addition built onto her house, however they have been working on it for the past four months, and it seems like the project is never ending at this point. My poor sister is so tired and stressed out because of the mess and all of the construction materials everywhere that she can hardly stand it, worst of all, they just figured out that the general company somehow completely dropped the ball and forgot about installing the HVAC duct for the heating and cooling unit to be fastened to the additional area of the house. My sister said that this is going to cause another month of construction because they’re gonna have to take down parts of the walls and ceilings and put in an HVAC duct, she’s about to lose her mind because of this. I told her that instead of doing all of that extra work, she should just talk to an Heating and A/C company instead to see what they might be able to do for her. I think that there is something out there called a ductless mini split heating and cooling idea that they may be able to install instead. This would be able to keep them from having to go back and retrofit large, ugly HVAC ducts and completely undo all of the finished work that they have already done. I don’t know if she will take my advice or not, but I think that it is great advice! If it was me and her place instead, I would absolutely call an Heating and A/C company to see what they could come up with. I would not want to wait another month.


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