Putting up flyers won’t do anything now.

I had been putting up flyers on mailboxes & vehicle windows for almost more than one weeks.

I had spent hundreds of dollars on printing up the flyers plus making custom t-shirts for our Heating plus A/C techs to wear so that we could advertise our Heating plus A/C supplier biz plus give out the iPhone number.

I had some see-thru window movie made so I could also display the name plus iPhone number of our Heating plus A/C supplier on our rear window. It didn’t matter what brand of advertising I did; it wasn’t making any difference. I was so frustrated plus getting ready to liquidate our supplier. I had many Heating plus A/C pros that didn’t have enough job to job a full week, plus that wasn’t tolerable to them. I laid off half of them while I considered all our options. That’s when I was talking to a neighbor. Bob saw our flyers plus said that sending out flyers didn’t do any great anymore. I needed to advertise where more people were searching plus that was on the internet. I needed to find an internet marketing supplier who knew what it took to help get an Heating plus A/C, plumbing, electrical, or any other supplier, on their feet plus making currency. I asked Bob where I would find an internet marketing supplier who specialized in Heating plus A/C. Bob chuckled plus shook his head. He said the internet was a great place to start. Bob gave myself and others the web address of the internet marketing supplier Bob used for his husbandy’s catering business plus told myself and others to ask for the Heating plus A/C specialist. I wasn’t sure the internet marketing supplier could help myself and others at this stage, however trying it out was better than doing nothing.


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