It was raining hard and the roof was leaking

Having a roof that leaks can be a fairly major concern in your dwelling.

A leaking roof can cause a number of terrible complications. If the roof leaks, then water is going into the Attic or straight into your home. Water causes mold & mildew issues. It causes wood & furniture to warp. A leaky roof is not the type of drawback that you can simply let go until another morning. Last year my fiance & I were relaxing in our dwelling all morning & it was storming badly outside. We were actually watching TV in the living room section when I felt a drop of water on my arm. I looked up & I saw what appeared to be a little hole in the ceiling above the sofa. The hole was getting greater & so were the drops of water. I knew the trouble had to be a leak in the roof, and unfortunately, it was raining absolutely taxing with all kinds of thunder & lightning & we genuinely could not go out on the roof to check on the concern until the storm was finished. It continued to rain all night. I did not absolutely want to go to sleep when the roof was leaking in such a way. What if something awful happened in the middle of the night? My fiance & I made the choice to go outside to look at the roof… Even though it was dark, we had a pretty nice flashlight & ladder. I climbed the ladder all the way to the roof & I made my way over to the spot above where the area where the roof seemed to be leaking. We basically used a huge orange tarp & some heavy straps to secure the roof until we were able to call a roofing repairman.

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