I will retire before my kids are grown

My partner and I have a goal or a wish depending on how you look at it. Both of us both want to retire at the age of 43. That means our kids will still be in middle school when the people I was with and I are ideally done with work. That doesn’t mean the people I was with and I won’t keep making currency though. Our goal is to become financially smart through rental properties and fantastic investments. Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Millionaire Next Door both talk about how to become wealthy, not rolling in it. How to have a high networth rather than having a lot of currency. The name of the game is homes and apartments for rent. Right now my partner has 3 unusual apartments for rent that she gets a bi-weekly check for. I have two homes that I rent out each month too. What the people I was with and I do is take that currency and use it to buy the next real estate property. The system is to have enough rental to pay our mortgage, automobile and grocery bill. Both of us want to have enough currency flowing in that our 9-5 jobs aren’t required. I would much rather hunt for the next rental property than work online. My partner wants to get into commercial properties! Someday the people I was with and I hope to have enough places that rent that hiring a property management corporation would be smart. Right now the people I was with and I deal with all the beach repairs and tenants. My partner is the general manager and I am the Heating and A/C professional. Someday property management services will ensure I never have to lift a hand.