I am content working as an HVAC technician

I am content in our task as an actual heating, ventilation and A/C contractor, despite the fact that I don’t make a ton of cash.

I mean, I make a pretty fantastic living for the most part, however I’m not rich or anything like that.

I started going to a local technical school to get our heating, ventilation and A/C certification right after I graduated from high school, and I legitimately liked it. I thought that I would legitimately like reading all about heating and cooling technology because I found it legitimately interesting; and by the time I finished getting our heating and cooling certification, I knew that the heating, ventilation and A/C job path was the right path for me… And after I finished with everything that I needed to get done at the technical school, I decided that I wanted to own our own business. I ended up going to our local community school to take some company classes so that I could start our own commercial heating, ventilation and A/C company and now I’m actually running it. I love owning our own commercial heating, ventilation and A/C supplier and being able to set our own hours. It’s nice to be able to hire the people that I want and to set our own schedule. So far, all of us are doing legitimately well with gaining shoppers and spreading the word around the neighborhood about all of the things that all of us can do. I think good about the fact that our supplier is able to help people with both their residential and their commercial heating, ventilation and A/C needs. So, despite the fact that I don’t legitimately make a ton of cash right now, I still love a lot of odd aspects about our job choice.