Glad I got new shocks added

I was riding around on poor shocks and a poor suspension for so long that I forgot what it is like to have a car that does not shake and break every time I hit a pothole.

  • I got some money for our anniversary and I decided to use it to make some performance jobs on our truck.

The shocks and the suspension were at the top of our list. I got many estimates from performance shops close by and I chose a place with wonderful reviews and wonderful remarks from our friends. Lots of people used the same performance shop in the past. My neighbor Ian had a tuning kit installed in his car and he used the same auto performance shop. The performance shop is known for toiling on diesel trucks and foreign cars. The parking lot is always filled with cars and trucks. They stay busy all of the time. I had just enough cash for the new shops and suspension. I also planned to get an oil change, however I did not have enough cash. The new suspension and shocks help the truck a wonderful deal. The performance changes make the truck feel like I am riding around on a puff of air. I can’t feel much at all underneath me unless there is a big pothole. I noticed that the car is much quieter now too. The performance shop gets more than two stars in our book service, prices, and savings. I left the site a great review online and I will be sure to tell our family and friends that this identifiable site is tolerable and trustworthy.


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