A new apartment with a malfunctioning HVAC unit

After getting a new job, I moved to a new apartment near my workplace.

The thermostat in the apartment was not displaying anything, and it was not regulating the temperature to help with indoor comfort.

The temperatures were relatively high at that time of the year, and it was becoming unbearable to stay indoors. I had to do something about it, so I checked the HVAC brands online to ensure I was aware of good quality HVAC. I made up my mind to purchase one when I received my salary. I tried my best to always be outdoors that month since being indoors was like being in a sauna. By the end of the month, I had already decided on the HVAC I wanted for my apartment. Despite not being sure about my choice, I thought of getting it immediately after receiving my salary. Before making any irreversible decision, I consulted the HVAC repairman. He referred me to an HVAC professional who owned an HVAC business near the company. I went there, and the professional explained more about the new HVAC technology, and I decided to buy new HVAC equipment. The HVAC provider also offered a discount on the service fee for the HVAC installation of the HVAC unit in my apartment. It was a relief for me, and I could finally stay indoors without any problem. After the installation, the tech gave me his contact information when I needed any HVAC maintenance. The following month was excellent; I could relax in my apartment, and the air conditioning was perfect. Unlike before, I now looked forward to going home.

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