The house became hot

If you’ve ever lived in the area that I live in and you know how hot it can get here during the summers.

The Summers can be really hot and so you don’t want to be without heating and air conditioning in this area.

If you’re without AC in the summer you’re going to fry, and if you’re without heat in the winter you’re going to freeze. Unfortunately for me, despite my efforts to have my heating and AC system regularly tuned up to prepare for this kind of thing ahead of time, I still had an issue with my air conditioner at the summer that causes it to break down it had to be one of the worst breakdowns ever and not because the actual damage to the air conditioner was very bad, but more so because I didn’t have any source of cool air to keep my house cool and free of the heat the house quickly became hot and heated and I was sweating to death. I don’t know if you ever tried to sleep in a house that didn’t have any sort of cooling system or any kind of air conditioning at all but let me tell you that it is almost impossible, that is because there is no cool air to cool you down and so I was waking up in the middle of the night just waiting to death and being unable to sleep. So many nights were spent tossing and turning until I was able to get a heat and AC technician out to fix it. The HVAC companies in my area were swamped and I had to wait 3 weeks to get a heat and a/c guy out. I was so desperate I bought a temporary window AC to take care of the heat until then.

Air conditioning worker