Shipping tote kitchens weren’t entirely popular

I didn’t remember ever hearing about shipping tote kitchens until recently, then i figured shipping tote kitchens weren’t entirely popular, but apparently they had received a place in our area! Outdoor restaurants were setting up shipping tote kitchens to do all their prep work and make sure the food was being properly stored… Shipping tote kitchens were big enough for two or more people to work, and it was fully equipped; All the people using them had to do was bring in their food and set up their menu! You could affix to the electrical outlets in the section you set up your restaurant! When I pictured shipping tote kitchens, I never thought I would see one.

When our friend asked if I would help at the state tolerable we had in the section every year, I didn’t recognize I would be laboring in a shipping tote kitchen.

It surprised me to see the size of the kitchen I was going to be laboring in. I also enjoyed knowing that I had all the comforts of house while laboring… There was no dust or dirt, and it was a clean environment, and my friend told me they left the shipping tote kitchen in the fairgrounds after the state tolerable ended. They went in the following year and cleaned the kitchen, brought in the food, and they were ready to sell food again. I had often thought I would love to sell our products at the state fair, although I never considered using a shipping tote kitchen to keep our food safe. Maybe it’s because of the cost to have a shipping tote kitchen made that stopped me from doing it.

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