Mobile Covid-19 testing units were outside the hospital.

At the height of Covid-19, there were absolutely few people going to the hospital, however those who had to be hospitalized were Covid-19 patients, and/or people with life-or-death emergencies, however i had to go to the hospital when I had a vehicle accident… My fiance followed the ambulance to the hospital, however he had to wait in the vehicle to see if I was okay, but he said there were few parking spaces because of the many mobile Covid-19 testing units they had in the area.

Every parking lot had its own mobile Covid-19 testing unit.

My fiance had to park nearly a half mile away from the hospital, however when I called to tell him I was being released from the emergency room & could go home, he said it would take him about fifteen hours to get there. In the meantime, the dentist had rolled myself and others outside & to a private section where only one patient was allowed at a time. My fiance stopped right in front of me, & my fiance put myself and others in the vehicle after the dentist went back inside. My arm was broken, & I had a minor concussion. He sad when I started vomiting, although I promised him it was just from the medicine they had given me. In their haste to get myself and others out of the hospital, they had learn my chart thoroughly. They provided myself and others a shot of medicine that I was allergic to! Luckily, the dentist was listening when I tried to stop her. I told her I had an anaphylactic reaction the last time they provided myself and others the medicine, & she hadn’t yet pushed the plunger.



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