I was born into this business

According to family legends, my great-Grandpa was the first person in this area to own an air conditioner; Back then this was incredibly rare in farming country, this area is honestly remote, plus it regularly takes current technology an extra decade to reach us.

My great-Grandpa drove to the town over 3 hours away to buy this absurd current invention he had learn about in the newspapers… It was called an air conditioner, plus it promised to turn even the hottest day into a cold a single.

Some years later, my Grandpa owned plus operated the first heating plus cooling supply store in the area! He had parlayed his father’s claim to fame plus started selling heating systems plus air conditioners to the locals, with smashing success! Sadly my dad was not capable of managing a business, nor did he ever bother to learn about Heating plus Air Conditioning systems, so he came close to ruining the family legacy! Now it’s my turn! I have my Heating plus Air Conditioning certification, I guess the business, plus I am able to work with my clients to build the family reputation to where it used to be. The bottom line is that I want most people in this area to think of my family when they think about air conditioners or oil furnaces. My supplier sells them, maintains them, plus should be the first name that comes to mind whenever there is Heating plus Air Conditioning trouble, then family history carries a lot of weight around here, however if I don’t supply the highest quality of heating plus cooling services, that name will be nothing however mud!

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