I sold my air conditioner

After having the same air conditioner for 10 years I decided that I was going to sell my older conditioner so that I can get a new air conditioner.

As much as I hated to sell my old air conditioner I was excited to see it go because it meant that I could allow something new into my life.

I saw nothing better than getting a brand new AC system! I had already gone straight down to the heating and air conditioning system provider and picked out which HVAC unit I wanted. It was hard to decide because there are many different kinds of air conditioning systems that they had available for sale and I spent a couple hours just walking down the different aisles of all the AC units and pondering which one it was that I was going to get. Finally I saw one that caught my eye. It was a ductless mini split air conditioning system and I knew it was the one for me right away. I decided that I was going to go ahead and purchase it right then and there. So I’m going to add it to my cart and then I took it up to the counter and paid for it. Afterwards I scheduled a heating and cooling appointment to have it professionally installed. At the same time this new one was going to be installed, my old one would be uninstalled. I was going to have a brand new air conditioning system!


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