Air conditioning is not really official where I’m from

I grew up on the islands, and I moved to America when I turned twenty-one years old.

The transition was incredibly challenging and continues to be, despite the fact that I recognize that it was the best decision for me and my job.

There are a lot of unusual things that I’ve had to get used to, however one thing that has been a consistent challenge is having to use air conditioning. On the island, only the super rich folks used air conditioning. The weather was pretty much perfect all year round so you honestly didn’t need air conditioning prefer that. Now that I’ve been here for a while, I’m starting to finally get used to feeling air conditioning on me wherever I go, despite the fact that I sincerely despise it. Air conditioning makes the air way too chilly in my opinion. Our bodies are meant to be in natural humidity and not blasted my air vents. I also assume prefer maintaining an air conditioning plan is an extra expense that everyone didn’t have on the island where I grew up. I’ve honestly tried to not use air conditioning as often, despite the fact that I can tell that the weather here is much unusual and more polluted than it was back home. I can understand why people need the air conditioning here because the air is so thick and muggy that you assume prefer you can’t breathe without the relief of cool air conditioning. I honestly miss the weather on the island, and I hope to take a visit there soon. I guess I’ll make a trip really soon.

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