A HVAC duct cleaning was needed

My HVAC duct is in need of cleaning.

I suppose this because I have had bad indoor air pollen levels lately & I’m almost positive it’s because of the HVAC duct, then ductwork cleanings are a pain & now I’m wishing that I had gotten a type of heating & cooling plan that did not require any kind of HVAC duct at all, something like a ductless mini split.

However, it’s too late now & I cannot afford to get a whole up-to-date heating & a/c. At least once I get my HVAC duct taken care of I wouldn’t have to worry about my indoor air pollen levels anymore. Even though it wasn’t what I wanted to do because I knew it would actually be pricey, I decided to go ahead & schedule an appointment with my local heating & A/C company. Both of us have a HVAC dealer that isn’ttoo far from my apartment & so I was hoping that since they were too far away that maybe it would save myself and others a little bit of currency. The cooling specialist came over to my apartment & knocked him on my door & I let him in. Again getting to work doing what he needed to do to take care of my HVAC duct. He advocated myself and others that I should also have my HVAC duct resealed & so I went ahead & did that too. I was holding my breath when I was expecting to hear the price, but to my photos surprise the services came to much less than what I expected. The heating & A/C worker told myself and others that my HVAC plan & my HVAC ducts look healthy & clean & that there was nothing more to be done.

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