A ladder fell off of the back of an a/c van

I like to take walks in the middle of the toil day to help refresh our mind, however the other day I was out for a walk when I jumped in fear as a fast vehicle approached the corner from behind me… It was an a/c van and they must have been late for an appointment because they were absolutely speeding in a quiet part of town.

  • The Heating, Ventilation and A/C van continued to speed off and I immediately got distraught that the ladders on the top of the van would fall off if they drove too suddenly.

The Heating, Ventilation and A/C van started to suddenly turn at the next corner and I saw the ladders begin to slide off. I don’t even suppose the professional that was driving the van would have observed the ladders had fallen off if it hadn’t been for the incredibly loud noise that it made. The van stopped and the professional hopped right out and ran to pick up the ladders… By that point, a police officer had been driving up and saw the last bit of the fiasco, so he decided to ask the professional a few questions. I really couldn’t believe that a professional could be in that much of a rush to be speeding like that. I don’t suppose that the police officer absolutely realized how much he was speeding. I personally guess like he should have breathalyzed him to make sure that he wasn’t drunk while in his shift, however can you imagine being caught drunk driving a company vehicle? That has to put major points on your driver’s license, not to mention being fired and suffering with potential jail or community service time.


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