Getting so much benefit from air purification

I just had no idea how essential good indoor air quality is to living your best life. Here we were with all this good fortune with a great house and all that quality heating and cooling. But even with the money invested in our residential HVAC and all the HVAC technology, I didn’t address a big part of the picture. I wasn’t doing anything to improve or provide good indoor air quality. Perhaps somewhere in my brain I thought that just having the HVAC unit running sort of helped the air. I know that when I changed the air filter, I could see dust and stuff on it. But really those cheap air filters were protecting the health of the HVAC equipment and not ours. When I finally got the heads up on all of this, I really took a deep dive into just what was the best thing to do. Changing to a HEPA filter was the easiest and quickest way to improve the indoor air. So I did that but I wanted to do more. So I talked with our HVAC professional and he suggested the whole home air purification system. This is a type of air purifier that uses UV light to destroy all airborne contaminants. And it has literally changed the way I feel about our house. The air is perfect. It smells so lovely and is producing the very best indoor air quality possible. And it took all of 24 hours to make that change. Seriously, the indoor air was like reborn overnight. I sure don’t mind the health benefits either.

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