Ductless heat pump improves comfort

My apartment has seen lots of remodeling.

Walls have been torn down, rooms expanded plus windows added. Over the years, the modernizing of the living space has led to some troubles with the heating plus cooling system. Some rooms lack satisfactory supply plus return vents to achieve ideal comfort. The home office was especially problematic. In the winter, when the outdoor temperature drops below zero, the room always felt cold, and raising the control unit led to overheating the rest of the house. I used to bake treats on especially cold days for the sake of the warmth from the oven. In the summer, the people I was with and I had the opposite problem. I didn’t dare cook, because the home office consistently felt boiling plus sticky. Rather than tear down walls plus ceiling to redesign the duct system, I chose to invest into a ductless mini chop system, and an outdoor air compressor links to an indoor air handler mounted up high on the wall. The replacement project required little more than a 3-inch hole in an exterior wall plus was completed in a matter of hours. There was no mess or destruction. The indoor air handler features an independent control unit plus provides both heating plus cooling capacity. A cordless remote allows myself and others to adjust temperature, fan speed plus even the direction of airflow. I chose an Energy Star rated, high efficiency ductless heat pump with inverter technology. The unit automatically varies output to match the demands of the indoor space. The home office is perfectly comfortable all year round, plus the ductless unit works to filter out contaminants plus improve indoor air conditions.

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