Duct cleaning improves indoor air conditions

This past winter, I noticed that cooking stinks were lingering for a very long time.

The stink of anything I prepared for dinner could be identified in every room in the house.

Even upstairs in the living rooms, the stink was strong plus slow to dissipate. This got myself and others concerned about indoor air conditions. My section is known for the severe Winter time weather. The people I was with and I need to keep the apartment sealed slim for more than half the year. The oil furnace runs just about non stop. There is no opportunity to bring in fresh air or get rid of the stale, stuffy air. Before I took proactive measures, I frequently needed to dust plus vacuum. My whole family often sneezed, coughed plus complained of headaches. While I’ve consistently been very conscientious about replacing air filters plus scheduling professional repair for the gas furnace, I’ve never been overly concerned about the ductwork. I asked a licensed Heating plus A/C contractor to inspect the system, plus he found a significan buildup of contaminants. He said that this dust plus debris was absorbing stinks. As the heated air passed through the system, the stinks, dust, bacteria plus other pollutants were becoming airborne plus getting distributed throughout the living space. The contractor used a specialized piece of unit that resembled an oversized vacuum cleaner to repair the ductwork. He inserted a long hose with a brush affixment that worked to dislodge stubborn debris that was then sucked up. The process took a couple of hours however caused no mess or destruction. After the duct cleaning, there was a significant improvement in the stink, cleanliness plus comfort of the home. The oil furnace didn’t need to run as long to achieve the control unit setting, resulting in lower utility bills. I’m hoping that the heating proposal will last longer.